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18+ virgins come here
In my (recent) years 3 girls (of which 1 was pretty and 1 was very pretty) have liked me, but I felt no attraction nor want to do anything with them. On the other side, I have had feelings for / or be...
EG "NA" team?
It is a multicultural world that we live in. I am not overly political or anything, but this is just stupid
Xyp3x vs k0nfig
K0nfig fell off so hard
RIP Heroic guys
It's been like this since north signed Valde in 2017
respect mibr
Aww fuck I just remembered when this meme was a thing
>that tomatohead? 2017 called. They want their insult back
Your phone?
A 1-year-old Samsung galaxy s9 that I bought used. Bought it after selling my s6 after 3 years
+7 When age is masturbation
Scandinavian Rap
"Suspekt": Amore infelice Proletar Prima nocte Also, "benal" is good
Scandinavian Rap
This is not an attempt at little big. This is a copy of another Danish artist called "Pattesutter"
In mathematics, the number 0.9999 is the same real number as 1. Or - 0.999 represents the same number as one. This can be expressed as such: 0,333 = 1/3 3 x 0...
I feel like a life sentence in a Morrocan prison is the same as a death sentence. If you catch my drift.
I remember this match
Boltz is so sexy. he is a gassy boy. he is also lactose intolerant. You should see the video he made while eating ice cream sitting at his kitchen table blasting big farts into his kitchen chair. Show...
Astralis vs Vitality
He's not what he used to be sadly
Astralis vs Vitality
I am an astralis fan too, but "free" may not be entirely true