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1 reason to not commit suicide
Ok you know what, you should try something: Everyday from now on, try to do something - even just a little thing- that will make you just a litte bit happier. You may not experience much in the begin...
1 reason to not commit suicide
But is it really though? Why are you able to tell that you were happy once? Because you're currently sad. It's not much different for a 5 year old child. Sadness and suffering is a concept only unders...
1 reason to not commit suicide
Assumming that you kill your self to end the sufferring it os a stupid idea, as you won't be able to enjoy not having to suffer anymore when you're dead. No but really though don't
How old are you?
17 Sidenote: are you actually Faroese? i too am Faroese but can't speak or write Faroese
What do you want to be when you're older?
I did a little researching and found the requirements for applying to be an astronaut in a couple of different space agencies: Nasa
Wow i’ve never thought of it like that
Loneliness can be good, one shouldn't romanticise it though. I do however agree that some people are too "afraid" of it, when they needn't be. #4 has made a good comment, i think
I rate your flag
Do it
Top 20 players 2018: 17th
Best Movie Trilogies????
I do find LOTR to be the best, but it's not very rewatchable beyond a certain point. The matrix and dark knight trilogies are worse, but more rewatchable imo (for "casual" viewers atleast. Hope that d...
boltz farting out his ass wtf
Boltz is so sexy. He is a gassy boy. He is also lactose intolerant. You should see the video he made while eating ice cream sitting at his kitchen table blasting big farts into his kitchen chair. Show...
Chemistry x physics high school level
I think that it depends not only on what you like but also your teacher. I do like physics better, but our chemistry teacher was horrible at teaching aswell. Therefore i found/find physics to be easie...
What languages do you speak?
Faroese, danish, english and a bit of german
"Astralis boring"
Well that's fair :)
"Astralis boring"
Yeah but that's exactly what's so entertaining