Playing CS since 2007.

the most active inactive user. pms are still open

My alt account:

From lan-houses to a shitty notebook and then finally a decent desktop

The most delusional FURIA, GODSENT, MIBR, TeamOne, paiN, O PLANO fan of the whole HLTV.

only bad quality baits are created here


nickname: kindo in HLTV, but in-game it is kinddd
age: not gonna say but i'm not a minor
country: Brazil
fav games: CSGO, race-sim games, GTA V, Rocket League, Minecraft
fav gun: AK-47
fav skins: Ak-47 Redline with proper stickers, M4A1 Hot Rod, AWP Redline
am i in college?: yes
which major?: CS (not counterstrike mens))))
fav car: Porsche Carrera GT
fav CSGO team: nowadays FURIA, but all-time, LG/SK with fnx.
languages i can speak: Portuguese, English, Spanish
languages i cannot speak: Russki, Hindi, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Jerman, +999.
fav anime: Sword Art Online (only 1st season)
job: Software Dev Intern
hobbies: taekwondo, driving, sports, mountainbiking, geography, drawing, playing instruments, playing games, and a lot of other stuff.
am i in love with someone?: not yet
have i ever killed a pro player in CS?: yes (fallen and chjna)
musical taste: everything except BR funk
fav player: FalleN, but my flair will always be h0nda. (Bymas gave me knife so props to him too)
steam acc: (if u gonna add me comment u came from HLTV)
do i want to leave brazil one day?: yes
to where?: idk maybe NA or western EU
CSGO rank: add me and you'll know

Interesting fact about me: I won a knife giveaway by Bymas on March 21st of 2021 (one day after my birthday), and that giveaway had 6.5K entries.

!!!!!!!!!!!!come to BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Users I respect :

every polite and not braindead user

Users I don't respect:

every one that is toxic in this forum (if you're toxic to me i'll be toxic to you)

HLTV bans:

1-day for copypasting a wikipedia text about potatoes
3-days for useless thread created and recreated 5 times
1-day for useless thread branch

jonty simp ))))

mods in this website are fucking trash. don't ever believe them


every thread i create gets deleted so whatever
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