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What you don't do doesn't die with you. What you do dies with you. If you live free that shall stay with you. If you don't live free, that doesn't die with you. Live free or die. If you don't live free, make yourself free. Believe what you want to believe. Do what you want to do. Love who you want to love. Try to understand people. If people are being assholes and don't know it, be the same to them. If they don't understand leave them alone and ignore them. You can do whatever you want if you live free. Live Free Or Die - New Hampshire, USA. The state next to the one that hosted the Boston Major.


Gonna start putting threads here so they don't get lost. Hope HLTV adds a thing where you can look at all your old threads

How to not get banned on HLTV Official:

I am a semi-pro in CS:GO. In High-School right now. My dream is to win a $50k+ prize pool tournament and go on a road trip to Canada for a few weeks! (I know such an American Dream... I would do more than that though, I would go to maybe the Midwest or something)

I respect Europe and every Country within its borders.

Any questions just message me on my HLTV inbox

I am 5'11 or 180 cm
I am around 190 pounds or roughly 85 Kilograms based on what sport is on at the time

I am skinny I think I just have a lot of Muscle.

I play Baseball, I do track, I do Cross Country and am actually highly respected in my area (According to friends of mine, although I do doubt it. I've come first in 1 race in Cross country and twice in track, and in Baseball I'm like the second best on my team)

I like Soccer/Football and Rugby. Two fun games!

Thanks for reading my profile! =D
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