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"What you don't do doesn't die with you. What you do dies with you. If you live free that shall stay with you. If you don't live free, that doesn't die with you. Live free or die. If you don't live free, make yourself free. Believe what you want to believe. Do what you want to do. Love who you want to love. You can do whatever you want if you live free. Live Free Or Die - New Hampshire, USA. The state next to the one that hosted the Boston Major." - Batteries


Gonna start putting threads here so they don't get lost. Hope HLTV adds a thing where you can look at all your old threads
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I am a semi-pro in CS:GO. In High-School right now.

Original Articles:


I was a 400/800m runner in Middle School, now I'm more of a distance runner. I'm still trying to be the NH King of middle distance. Honestly down to run 4 events a d1's this year. 4x8, 800, 1600, and 3200. I got to do 3 last year and pretty sure that caused me to only do good in the first event(4x8). I'm just gonna try to get top 5 instead of top 1 for the 4x8. The mile went like +4:35 and 800 went Over 2. I'm getting better at the 3200 and barely anyone is good at it so I could take it easy next year. Though 2 pretty good freshmen are coming up but I'm thinking I'll still be able to beat them.

Fastest 100m: 11.55 (Hella wind)
Fastest 200m: 23.99
Fastest 400m: 51.98 Improved this a lot recently
Fastest 600m: 1:23.98 - state record is 1:19 (Outdoor)
Fastest 800m: 1:52.20 - state record is 1:50
Fastest 1k: 2:31.68 - state record is 2:27
Fastest 1500m: 4:09.72 - state record is 3:57
Fastest 1600m: 4:16.9 - state record is 4:07
Fastest Mile: 4:12
Fastest 3k: 8:40 flat - state record it 8:39 (Outdoor)
Fastest 3200m: 9:00.01 - state record is 8:59
Fastest 2 Mile: 9:23 - state record is... at least 9:12
Fastest 5k: 15:02 - an unofficial state record I think
Fastest 10k: 31:19 unofficial state record
Fastest Half-Marathon: 1:21:34 - state record is 1:16
Fastest Marathon: 3:34:28 (I've only done one, I know it sucks, I had to fucking walk a quarter-mile. Went out too fast I guess) - state record 3:09
Fastest Mile Walk: 9:24

*Most of these weren't at high school meets*

All the records I mentioned above are State 18 and under records

Relay times!
4x1 - lol no
4x4 - 3:30 - Me: 54
4x8 -7:59 - Me: 1:52 - State record: 7:47 outdoor ; 8:01 indoor
4x16 - 17:59 - Me: 4:21

Elimination Mile (Hella fun and you should try it)

4:41 - Second by like 2 meters
4:52 - First :D

Life goals
100m: Sub 11
200m Sub 23
400m sub 50
800m 1:45
Mile: Sub 4
2 Mile: Sub 8:30
5k: Sub 14
10k: sub 28
half marathon: 1:10:00
Marathon: 2:30

400m times by year
6th grade: 1:09
7th grade: 1:02
8th grade: 1:07 (I only did a few 400m races)
Freshman: :59
Sophomore: 1:01 (Ran it in the indoor 4x4 once and was tired from running the 1500 10 minutes earlier)
Junior: :54
Currently: 51.98

800m Times by year
6th Grade: 3:09
7th Grade: 3:01
8th Grade: 2:43
Freshie: 2:12
Sophomore: 2:01
Junior: 1:53
Senior: Currently 1:52

1600m Times by year
6th Grade: 7:28
7th grade: 7:09
8th grade: 6:05
Freshman: 5:23
Sophomore: 4:42
Junior: 4:29
Senior: Currently 4:12 (Pacemakers)

2mile XC and 3200 Outdoor track/current 3200 times by year
6th: 16:09
7th: 15:07
8th: 13:21
Fresh: 11:19
Soft: 9:59
Junior: 9:09
Senior: Currently 9:00

5k Times by year
(Middle school didn't have a 5k so im going by races i did and High School is 5k)
7th: 25:49
8th: 23:04
Freshman: 19:46
Sophomore: 16:32
Junior: 15:49
Senior: Currently 15:02 (Track)

Any questions just message me on my HLTV inbox

I am 5'11 or 180 cm
I am around 190 pounds or roughly 85 Kilograms based on what sport is on at the time

I am skinny I think I just have a lot of Muscle.

I play Baseball, I do track, I do Cross Country, and I do Basketball

I like Soccer/Football and Rugby. Two fun games!

Thanks for reading my profile! =D
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