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At the end of the day its not that big of a deal, if a team takes their Nuke streak ill actually give a shit. Was still rooting for BiG as I watched though.
Thats not how this works, in the original post you did last 3 months big events, cant change that now.
Just comparing your picks, just in case you don't know how.
Dennis theory
Yeah, you are probably right. I'm kinda mad Draken isnt on the team right now.
Blast Pro Predictions Day 1
name checks out wtf
s1mple not good anymore
So whats a "top team"
s1mple not good anymore
So whats a "top team" then. I think it would just be easier to get ratings from top tournaments, would it not?
s1mple not good anymore
Im not dumb, im proving why you are dumb So whats your reasoning for eliminating players? you just eliminate ones that have an "extreme case"
s1mple not good anymore
so Bntet is the third best player in the world?
s1mple not good anymore
"performing like a top player" Good job dude, you cant even define it for yourself.
s1mple not good anymore
Looks like we just have different definitions of "top player" I think that a top player is a player on a top 10 team who is performing positively And I dont know what your opinion is because you cha...
s1mple not good anymore
Yeah, the pool of players are the best player, the players that can actually make it to a big event. And he is still top 20. must be a top player :/
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Yeah, big events have the top players, no onliners that cant qualify. This goes to show how f0rest still holds up with his 1.05 rating.
s1mple not good anymore
But is he not rated top 20 in big events in an entire year?