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Worst team logo
Worst is MIBR best is Renegades. The words I have stated are completely fact and any objections are refutable in the court of law.
ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018
If you are going to be bias then dont create a thread like this.
MiBR aren't the only ones...
Yeah, all the players are humans not bugs too. Solve that one mister detective.
MiBR aren't the only ones...
The org is also owned by an American
MiBR aren't the only ones...
lmao, thats a good one
Cloud 9 After Major
If anyone thinks that Brehze is bad you can pretty much just undermine their opinions. Case and point, this dude.
The org "MiBR" is owned by an American as well.
NRG I'm so depressed
NRG blows, get fucked idiots. I'm outta here virgins.
C9 +yay
Yeah, I would like to keep Cloud9 from turning into a meme cause they are the most patriotic team in my opinion, ever since JDM dropped off that is. Csgo needs personality as well as being a quality ...
C9 +yay
I would also like them to just sell their players and move on to be honest.
C9 +yay
would rather Android over yay. Complexity is also a very wealthy org, so I dont see them selling players and then not having a put together team to play with, If comp makes it to the major they wont ...
Just gonna mark this up to being on home turf
He played like shit against mibr, what are you talking about?
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
My dude, train is the most awp heavy map. Simple is on the other team. Use your brain
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
My dude, neither team picked this map