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Burger if it's just you. Pizza if there's more than you. Unless you can eat a whole damn pizza or are ok with leftovers.
Na'Vi laugh thread
Not even top 2 CIS kekw
I draw team logos
I watched the drawing before reading the post and was like what the fuck is he doing the challenge where you don't pick up the pencil and only draw with one continuous line then I see gambit's logo an...
G2 fans come
yep just looked at their stats for the last 3 months and they are 71.4% win on inferno and 33.3% on nuke. Like really? Just because ence lost big against NiP you play nuke. smh
G2 fans come
I know you're baiting but honestly, it was probably banning inferno. G2 cant play train, nuke, and they permaban overpass. The only maps they can play are mirage, dust2, inferno, and vertigo. I really...
G2 vs BIG
Damn, how unlucky does Kenny have to be to go -2 but have 84 ADR wow.
1-10 Anime
Nah York New was boring imo with Kurapika as the protag and the ant arc dragged on WAY too much with how much exposition there was. We all know greed island is trash. The only arcs I enjoyed were Heav...
1-10 Anime
10. Made In Abyss 9. Parasyte 8. Death Note 7. Hunter x Hunter 6. Naruto 5. Bakuman 4. Fairy Tail 3. Akame Ga Kill 2. Tokyo Ghoul 1. Prison School
10/10 ANIME
Made In Abyss Vinland Saga Your Lie In April Inuyashiki Banana Fish Steins; Gate FMAB Wakfu Attack On Titan Parasyte The Maxim Haikyuu Assassination Classroom Toradora All 10s
10/10 ANIME
Attack on Titan is the most popular mecha anime ever
G2 issues?
Map pool Hunter kenny
G2 play too cocky
their map pool is shit
Natus Vincere vs G2
G2 getting cast by Launders and Scrawny for the third straight time WHY!