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Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
No no the way you said it couldn't be said better. Just add the additional Prime+ something option that rly checks u for cheats. But that probably won't happen, idk how faceit is going to implement it...
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
Not saying that they should be forced to do that? If you have something that you rly don't want others to see it's pretty stupid to keep it on your computer that is connected to the internet anyway. T...
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
Harvard study shows that anime haters are intellectually inferior to anime fans and anime-neutral people.
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
those ppl who have something private should save their shit on external drive anyway.
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
i'd rather let the anticheat search my pc than killed by a russian kid with 2 hours on record through a smoke with a negev.
Uhm taxpayers already pay more than 18b a year to NASA that's like 50mil $ a day
240HZ Monitor worth it?
well u can tell the difference especially when u spray it's butter smooth on 240
10/10 games
Timesplitters 2 Secret World Legends Fahrenheit
Probably bc they were never there and it's impossible to go that far. Imagine flying 384,400km in a rocket somewhere in space through radiation belts and some other atmosphere shit that we don't know ...
Push-to-Talk key
probably true
I rate your humor
lmao u wanted him to write it in romanian so we would need to go and translate to understand the joke? full blown retard u r
Haha, literally most of my life outside the house was like cs matchmaking but irl. :D
well my dad indeed didn't have time for me bc he was working a lot, but he was always super nice dad, i love my parents.. even tho they broke up when i was little, i think i started hating the world b...