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You just clarified my point. The NA scene is SMALLER THAN THE EU/CIS BECAUSE IT'S DYING. Are you a fucking moron or what? There are ZERO upcoming NA players that have a high potential. If you remov...
Are you a retard or what? Why are you talking about the past? Currently there is one actual North American team based on nationality in the top 10, the other "NA" team are Brazilian. The rest of the T...
Of course they can compete against the EU teams, that's called the pro scene. However, the pro scene is completely dominated by Europe and CIS teams because the NA scene is DYING.
Yeah, a grand total of about 8 teams that play each other about 50 times a week. It's a well known fact that NA teams find it very hard to practice because there are no teams to practice against. Nume...
Kelly Jean white knight
The fact that she hasn't gone to the police to report the incident means she can fuck right off.
He's a virgin and he's shit at his job.
which mouse for 70€?
Zowie EC2
To join a team where he is valued and actually plays a role in their success. He won't leave because no top 30 team would take him so he stays for the money.
Lack of ambition.
Yes, I am crying about Faceit losses.
It just shows how bad he is at the game. Happily sit there not playing, just picking up free money. No ambition.
most overrated player
Taco - Shocking player. People try say he fulfils his role in MiBR really well. Does his role include having absolutely terrible aim? Because every single game he whiffs easy shots. They only keep h...
r8 better edited deagle ace mens))
What in the fuck have I just watched?
Have you heard Joe Biden speak? He clearly has dementia. Hillary Clinton is an actual criminal, so is Joe for that matter.