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as a navi fan probably worst signing they made ever adds nothing to team gets carried by s1mple and that is all he misses so many awp shots is insane he kinda reminds me of skadodle abselotly useles...
Faze fans come here
what is your reasoning behind calling us plastic fans since i been into esports i have supported faze in all esports (ofc i dont watch all but what i watch faze always my fav team) just bc faze is p...
Faze fans come here
as a faze fan finally seing good sines from this team is the only thing that mathers for me
him and potter as a analist duo is so fucking boringggg
Pros cheating
how stupid can u be ?????? ofc players always gonna have their own equipment some prefer this mouse some the other if u accualy think pros cheat at tier1 events u mad no chance
ZywOo is just incredible
i just think vitality will become new navi and navi will become new liquid
Liquid will make a roster change
i think -naf most likely or if they ccrazy -nitr0
Liquid will make a roster change
if u had a brain you would shut up
how come he said that and only won against na teams and lost all games against eu teams
ZywOo is just incredible
think of it this way s1mple 2017 was 7th in hltv rankings when most people considered him best player bc of achivements and shit navi and vitalaty have won some number of big events s1mple and zywoo a...
ZywOo is just incredible
he is number 2 by far but not better then s1mple sorry to say
fer vs kng. fight, FIGHT!
mate i am portuguese i dont understand half of what they say
u must be troling no way u for real
he is to good for mouz ??? a top 5 team so make a turkish team that will be max top 20 u smart man
i think they should get cold but kick olof and get maybe aleksyb or another igl karrigan would be perfect but don think that is happening