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funniest nicknames used for pros
+1 Ax1Le/Hobbit/sh1ro have made playoffs in 8/8 relevant tournaments (7 finals, 4 wins) with 58 maps, compared to ZywOo's 3/7 with 13 maps. This will negatively affect his Big Event playoff rating sta...
"ZywOo not even top5"
Also doesn't help that ZywOo has only played 13 playoff maps so far with making playoffs in only 3/7 tournaments. This will negatively affect his Big event playoff rating stat which is a very importan...
"ZywOo not even top5"
I know but I linked that event filter because those are the stats that will be displayed in the infographics in the top 20 player articles. Also no need to apply the dropdown filter, it's useless. You...
b1t top 20 2021?
He has 2 EVPs as of now. One of the from Cologne which is significantly more valuable than online EVPs. If he maintains his current form in the second season, he can even make top 10.
"G2 doesnt need changes"
stop spamming shitty g2 fix threads ffs
b1t potential
Seems like a hard worker. Insane aim, underrated clutch ability, good anchor. Getting better at playing smart as well. Still lots of room for improment obviously and if he can find consistency with hi...
goat cs:go youtubers
another day another deemo
Navi T side Nuke vs G2
That Nuke T-side vs Vitality was absolutely terrifying lol. Vitality couldn't move a muscle.
Navi T side Nuke vs G2
> I dont remember correctly but maybe they threw yard smokes little bit late so NiKo's molly was already burnt That's exactly what they did. Took one too many rounds to realize and adapt though.
glave to g2
+1 the guy's logic is whack as fuck lol
glave to g2
You sure love talking about "ifs". Don't mean shit at the end of the day.
glave to g2
if G2 didn't bench kenny then they would've kept bombing out of group stages. What's your point lol?
G2 need roster change if they want top 1
"Once he quits" lol