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Liquid vs Astralis
Nitro showing solidarity , with the 3-17 too
EnVyUs vs HellRaisers
nV from 5-1 to losing 6-16/2-16 They scored three rounds out of 34.. GG .. Instead of kicking the coach I think it's time for nV CEO to reconsider this whole roster of clowns..
Astralis vs FaZe
They weren't quite as dominating as they are now though.. Look at their results the 3 latest LANs... and the scores...
Astralis vs FaZe
GuardiaN (and rain on 1st map) morally supporting FalleN with a similar performance
Astralis vs FaZe
Looks like you're gonna wait for a loooooooooooooong while..
Astralis vs FaZe
Having a "bad" day they lost the closest BO5 ever... It was quite clear what would happen when they would all be "on" and have the timings/little extra good fortune..
FaZe vs SK
FaZe vs SK
they sure would be better with fnx
FaZe vs SK
They look so bad that I don't expect any miracle.. Especially with so many changes taking place at same time ( everybody's roles and positions on maps, laguage, IGL, playing this "more aggressive" N...
FaZe vs SK
He's the new TACO rolewise tbh.. How would anyone put their top level AWPer to TACO duties is beyond me..
FaZe vs SK
There were in a slump for a while but hiring Newbie2k put the final nail in the coffin
FaZe vs SK
SK changing their communication language, all their setups ( fer looked completely lost on mirage and over aggressing on most CT sides, FalleN is the new TACO role, boltz is anchoring sometime B somet...
Liquid vs Astralis
They were already gaining in power at an alarming rate before cobble was removed in favor of d2.. Atm they are the clear cut #1 team. It will be really hard to stop them as long as they play like thi...
SK vs OpTic
FalleN where he belongs on the top of the scoreboard and MVP ! edit : Good to see cajunb back on form too
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Faze back to their flaws... Can't even win their map with an allstar performance from rain.. They need at least two guys of the Stars tryptic to be "on" to win anything against solid teams.. Once aga...