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Need Anime
Death Note is good anime
Disbanded teams that you miss
well it was dumb decision of him to cheat but still i liked him thx for your opinion
Disbanded teams that you miss
titan with KQLY i know he got vaccd but i honestly dont think he was cheating in mm or offical games just my opinion im glad to see him back in vexed
NA Super team...again
finally good super team idea with nifty and twistzz
Flags Checks out Favorite Teams Checks out SK didnt won 3 majors scrub :))
Best player of YOUR country
i moved to europe when i was 6 years old cause my dad is from czech republic and my mom is korean so they decided to move to my fathers country for some reason thats why im in europe
Best player of YOUR country
from korea (country i was born) : hsk From country i live in (czech republic) : CaNNie
swedish singer, what say you?
wow he has beatifull voice
HOW WAS 2017
1/10 Diagnosed with Depressive Disorder Made so many stupid decisions Lost friends...
Who else has no future ?
Dont worry, my life consists of living with depressive disorder i only think about what could i have been or something no goals in life no job no gf no friends just me and my computer 100% no life :/
HLTV old times ????????????????????????????????????????
Hehe, some of us are still heare ;) btw its truth
I fix your fav team!
-DEV7L -MonTTy +fREDI +CaNNIE / eLiVe
My Perfect Boyfriend
+1 :p
I Give life advice
Is life worth it ? Im depressed for 3 years now considerning to kill myself is it worth to life in this world?
I rate your nick :)