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Hello, hltv users! I just found a perfect csgo player. His hair is the best. I think, he has a lot of girls. He is carrying his team every game! What a player! S1mple is not even deserved to shake han...
r8 rap portuguese
road to fpl
Good luck m8.
Conor vs Khabib
Khabib has a blackbelt in judo and he´s an international master in sambo. His ground game will destroy McGregor.
Conor vs Khabib
if europeans didn't exist
Ez for Portugal.
Best mouse under 50 €
I have rival 110. If u have small hands, that´s the perfect mouse.
Best mouse under 50 €
Razer Manmba has auto acceleration, that u can´t take out.
Stock Investors come here
I´m too lazy to research the name of the companies.
If g2 fail at major...
+1 Although Boddy has been performing really well. I doubt Kio will ever play again with KennyS.
Not "could", he "should". Ropz is the best lurker in the game.
Worst major wins
You should check their Overpass performances during the major. They surprised everyone with that map, using a structured plays. At the end of the year, we'll see if any of the ex-C9 players do the t...
fox > coldzera
is it me or is coldzera a bit of a boring player? like u see it at the end of the game "oh wow cold has 32 kills" but u can never remember them. can u remember a single coldzera kill ? but try fox...u...
No Ropz No Party.
Worst major wins
Individually, not as a team. BIG reached the Cologne final, on the same conditions as C9:Good players ( not top 20 material ), but well structured; playing in front of their home crowd motivated them,...