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he was pretty good at one thing, but not good enough to get away with being so one dimensional. still kind of a shame because when he was on it was highly entertaining.
1 thread a day
well can you still create a topic ?
Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
really hope my man bntet wins
"BIG era" or "They write a history"
online top 1 like real germans now all that is left is for one of them to get vac banned mid round and they would really make germany proud
privacy is a human right
too bad capitalists have already dicovered that you can sell personal information for a lot of money
what is this commentating
Happy BIG
i started following cs in 2014 probably and i genuinely never thought id see a german team win a t1 tournament. hope they can repeat it on lan once its possible again.
well looks like big played it safe in that regard lol
Problem with #BLM
i mean looting has filled western museums for centurys
Why do people dislike poles?
why would anyone hate poles? incredibly versatile, can be used for fishing, jumping, construction, jesus even dancing
what is happening in NA
impossible. i have very lively imagination but i cant see the us winning a world cup.
socialism kills
mate you really dont have to go out of your way to kill 200m people for capitalism to be considered to be the worst thing ever.
Left anarchism best
all i wanted for christmas last year was a state and classless society, instead the piece of choclate in the calendar was a little bit bigger.