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i dont miss 1.6 at all... ive spent alot of time playing it while i was in high school. the hitboxes were so jacked up that the very expression "spray n pray" were actually a true thing rather than ju...
G2 vs LDLC
Seriously, NO STREAM??? What is this, 2002?????
Daily Kjaerbye laugh thread
it's a matter of how he left... He is gone, good riddance... Astralis is Top 1 without him anyways. But he did backstab his team.
Daily Kjaerbye laugh thread
and how do you reckon he does? North hasnt won anything. And believing that kjaerbye has more earnings through sponsors than astralis, is a joke.
Daily Kjaerbye laugh thread
He left without any notice... His teammates found out when he signed for North.
Is Astralis killing the scene?
No king rules forever... SK was a proof of that, eras are never to be seen again. Right now, Astralis is fucking beast machine. And as long they keep up, the amount of MONEY they can cash in are incre...
lately lul
Ashamed of Norway
Just ignore the ignorant kids.. They waste time around the internet rather than getting a decent education..
Game of Thrones
i kind of have my tinfoil theory that GRR martin and the producers of GoT agreed on not releasing the book until the final episode of GoT aired.
CSGO Majors
thanks for clarifying for me :)
CSGO Majors
so majors are twice a year, thoose sponsored by Valve themselves... thanks for clearing this up for me :)
astralis 'fans' come here
does having astralix stickers on my redline ak + awp count? :)
Gave up on csgo
Best City to host a major?
Jönköping where the real Dreamhack is!!!!
I ruin every team