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100 euros to the person who fix my csgo issue.
Try to delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(acc name)\-->760<-- or whatever ur main account is, it's the folder which contains all ur screenshots. The problem has to be related to steam some...
Dlore giveaway if astralis wins the major
Rate my beat x12
Well I'm no producer but it sounds rather basic you know? Try to find new samples, look at more advanced "guides" etc. Kick it up a notch basically, and you won't get any good responses here dude, try...
Rate my beat x12
feels like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGqPQhJDtkc
Superbowl braindead
You must be popular at partys
Counter Strike 1.6 highly overrated?
Preetty fucking sure you haven't got the correct rates setup... rate "100000" cl_updaterate "103" cl_cmdrate "105"
how to quit csgo
Anyone with brain can soloq to global without any problem dude.
The 100
The 100 is like Fifflaren, Breaking Bad is s1mple
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
I do understand the similarities but I do not agree with dev1ce getting the #1 player of the year just because he is on the #1 team, saying the best player have to be from the best team is ridiculous....
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
I'm being open and I understand your reasoning, I'm just saying your opinion shouldn't be relevant due to my previous points and the difference between the two sports and players. Like you cant comp...
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
Why do you argue when you've already decided that what you think is correct and everything else is wrong?
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
Yeah but this isn't a normal sport, is that hard to understand? This is about individual skill and success within an e-sport, not football so don't compare them.
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
Top 20 "Players", let's just reward the best player not the best AWPer in the best team, the logic you're trying to push is flawed. I guess we'll see in a few days what the man thinks. Also s1mple is...
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
Put dev1ce in any other team and he'd be your average T2 Awper, put s1mple in any team whatsoever and he'd be the "starplayer". that's why.
How to flirt?
Damn dude just ask her if she wanna hang out, not that hard. Just never bring up the topic of physical appearence and you should be fine.