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Dark Tigers vs FaZe
EZ FOR Sebastian 'beastik' Dano
VP fans
I guess your CS hours
Esea Rank: - Faceit Level: 6 Age: 16 MM Rank: Silver 2 Favorite player: pasha or skadaddy or zeus Cheese or Chocolate: chocolate
Taboo vs Athletico
EnVyUs vs FaZe
2-0 faze
Taboo vs Athletico
wt f happen with xizt
There aren't many teams that entered WESG Quals, I wish I could get a team together of USA buds and submit passports, etc. and like get hltv listed, and who knows with all these forfeits, could go to ...
i will try guess your age!!!
i will try guess your age!!!
phillip rivers is an American football player, if you don't know about american football:
i will try guess your age!!!
if you don't know who rivers and hamid are they are both NA, Hamid played for DC United for a while, now plays for a team in Denmark.
i will try guess your age!!!
- Phillip Rivers (American football), Bill Hamid (Soccer/Football) - office -vp or c9/pasha or skadoodle - tough, but prob some rap or electro swing - Don't really have one, but i like some of the pla...
pressy depressed? he has played one match on hltv
There will be more tomorrow. Today is a work day in NA, Maybe people will trickle in for the last match of the day, but crowd will be in bigger force tmrw and sunday.
Why VP is the best team
I hope they stick together, i still think they have potential. I don't think they prepared much before the major. I heard stuff about not playing official matches, that is prob an issue. The team is o...