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kuben GOAT
Am I the oldest csgo fan here?
That's so cool you play and watch w/ your dad, sounds like a great time. First father-child duo in a major incoming? :D
The worst city in your country
ayeeeee DMV Represent
me neither, but they have Friday Night Open LANs from 4pm-midnight I think, they go for a few weeks, I'm thinking about showing up with friends and playing for fun, nice to have some solid LAN connect...
Def recommend coming up to the DC Area LAN's sometime, prob 1hr 15-30 min drive for ya, new location is in Lorton. VA represent!
Haha, well hopefully it is 2019 and 2021 :) or even sooner.
I hope that they can release an operation too, it would be awesome to play! Hopefully they release it around June or so.
Yeah no worries, I knew it wasn't removed :) Have a good one.
Haha removing AUG :P, good one, though I don't think they should totally remove it, maybe some changes can be done. No zoo :( - was a fun map to play actually Edit: Does anyone know what "abusively k...
Denmark hates America?
Just curious, since there is no minimum wage, how much do high schoolers (secondary education) get paid if they have jobs? In the US often they will be cashiers and general shop employees, if they cho...
was it an error on timing? Or is she not responding. There are lots of fish in the ocean... she may just need time.
Congrats man! Going to movie or dinner or something? Gl hf, was about to say try being friends for a little and don't take the risk, but you have some big guts here, congratulations! Best of luck
Beyond vs BOOT-d[S]
ez for boot
post leagues here
post leagues here starts 10