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I've been using it for a while (I also play cod on xb1), so I was used to scopes when I came to CS:GO, people will say the spray is bad, its horrible unscoped, but nice on the scope, I have memorized ...
plz +office to pro scene, would be really interesting to see how they would play :P
NA come here
wait so like you guys don't pay tips? So if I went to like an applebees or such in Europe, and service was nice, like expected, it is normal not to give tip? Like no one would be mad or anything
Spacestation vs cantwinalan
Your favorite CT positions
Camp glass in front of elbow CT side office with AUG and let the T's rush out :P - Office
Sigh.... I wish, NA heroes.
Who should host the next Major?
Yeah, it would be cool to see BLAST or Epicenter, first time hosting major of course, in ties with valve. I would like to see an Eleague major again, maybe we could have a dreamhack before, but I've a...
pros meme
If I had a dollar for every time someone said that in twitch chat....... even if fnatic is playing or not
USA drinking laws?
America has some nice public transit options depending on ur location, I live in an urban area, with trains and buses, so it is convenient for me. Still have lots of people who drive. I could get lice...
gym questions
What are the issues? Is it too cold or something? Or safety issue.
gym questions
Honestly, run outside instead of treadmill. I run for my school, it is called Cross Country in the USA, i just love running, it feels so good, wind against you, sometimes rain, all that. I really enjo...
ESL NY winner?
BAHAHH RED ALADDIN LAMP i was thinking like what is that but thats a nice comparison you have there
who is most likely to win? of course there has been a lot of talk on hltv and spammers in twitch chat, and I know the gist of it, and is it an election that determines seats in like a senate/parliamen...
75 pickem points
OOF Space Soilders Feelsbadman. If only you got one more point!!! Ill send mine at some point :P
75 pickem points
Don't you have 73? :P I thought it was 12 for each quarterfinal win, so 25 + 48 is 73. I have same bracket except that I have 22 points from past 2 stages. Hopefully things will work out. Just hoping ...