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because they beat high tier teams and won a tournament that is fairly high tier considering attendees however dogshit the format may be, it's a t2 event at the very least
love these cheating clips because they're always fucking stupid cunts who dont know how to play the game
mentally-ill hobbies
EG not NA (proof)
born in america = american even then 3/5 are na without tarik wat saying mens))
Evil Geniuses vs G2
eg either pick train or d2, and g2 bans whatever isnt picked and did you not see eg play vertigo just yesterday? it's not like they pugged it out against faze (which wouldn't have been hard tbf), but...
Evil Geniuses vs G2
EG ban Overpass G2 ban Mirage EG pick Nuke G2 pick Train EG ban Dust 2 G2 ban Vertigo Inferno was left over EG 2-0
Best major?
columbus was a fucking banger
BIG boobs overrated
this is the optimal take
Astralis best team ever?
this major followed a player break, none of the teams were in peak form was barely even a major
FaZe_coldzera proof
faze already didn't like cold's buyout price
Ideology [vote]
when you're within 1 "point" of the center, you are actually considered a centrist or moderate but w.e
r8 billie
oh fuck shes like 3 days older than me that actually makes me really depressed :(
Moms new boyfriend
ask to join
What’s your country famous for?
obesity and school shootings (less so in canada but they have maple syrup and shitty coffee so who cares)
people are going to bitch regardless but you are 100% right