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1. device 2. s1mple
being a retard isn't just not getting frags, it's losing positions, failing to hold, or failing to have a competent post-plant. all things that force s1mple to hard-carry to compensate
1. device 2. s1mple
device doesn't have to carry 3 retards case closed
Kng Respect
"I would like to swallow my pride and apologize to FNS" number 1 sign that he doesn't mean this and is just saving face
XXXTENTACION fans come here
his label's just molesting his grave by releasing clearly unfinished snippets as a complete work and expecting it to do well. and it will work to an extent because of his diehard fans i still stand ...
kennys overrated?
he's effectively a relic now, relying on the same dumbass plays that got him notoriety back even before the awp movement got nerfed and is now easily punished by anyone who has played the game for a s...
girls are filthy!
girls are actually manufactured by the government
Biggest wasted talents in cs:go?
cromen brax mixwell
FaZe changes
changing roles seemed to work in the short-term but lets see what happens in say, the next six months if they are still title contenders by then, then the roster should be okay with karrigan in it.
If Astralis fails to win IEM Chicago
NiKo clan to return to dominance soon
Chicago pred. Prediction
probably another faze/astralis final bo5 might be a little more exciting but i see faze pulling this 3-1
karrigan for who?
fpl =/= actual team environment
karrigan for who?
i'd hope for k1o but clown9 are keeping him all to themselves
How an alt-right over thinks simple stuff
normal person: "these movies are stupid"
[20+] rate girl
typical girl that you won't even have the privilege of looking at irl tired of these posts. 0/8
60hz still playable?