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UK come here
i wouldn't stress about GCSEs too much, as long as you get the requirements to get into sixth form you're set i didn't do amazing i got like 1 7 (Maths) 3 Bs 2Cs 2 4s (Lang/Lit) and an E if my memory...
tutti frutti boilies ftw
Going to the movies alone
haha i can't afford travelling either mate, i'm just a normal working citizen, sometimes i'll go visit friends at university then just explore whatever city they're in and the countryside, Britain is ...
Going to the movies alone
sometimes it's good for a bit of you time, i personally don't go to the movies alone but i like to go to random cities and explore, something peaceful about walking around a place you don't know too w...
Car advice?
if you're a first time driver (only just passed and haven't got any no claims) i personally wouldn't recommend financing, also people suggesting all of these cars above, however the insurance groups o...
i agree with you Belgium are better 100%, you have the best international team in the world and i'd be surprised if you didn't make finals minimum. however i disagree when you say he can only perform ...
that was 2016... 4 years ago... and that was when sterling wasn't performing in the England setup, i'm a chelsea fan but Sterling will be top 5 player in the world in the coming years he is insanely y...
you cannot blame you being stuck in MG because of 64 tick lmao
mouz fix
i don't know if this is the right play imo, however Karrigan is the EU Daps, can get teams well structured and reaching there full potential but doesn't have that final part to make them a tourney win...
I recommend anime
Couldn't get into AOT, will try out LOTGH, cheers :)
I recommend anime
- age - 18 - Favorite tv show or movie - Game of Thrones / The Fast and Furious - Favorite music - M Huncho - Mad About Bars / Dave - Professor X - Favorite anime (if you already have one) - DBS / F...
GOD Conor?
nt allu
GOD Conor?
nt fox
GOD Conor?
nt, forgetting about the GOAT Smooya
FaZe kennyS ?
you have to remember this is G2 we're talking about, they love to put big buyouts on players. Also, it depends how much a team values the player, not just how good they are. KennyS is a huge marketin...