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2018 Major London WINNER
People are complaining about VP getting picked but who the f*** is voting up NIP so much
Alex Jones banned
Left wing derangement syndrome sure is my favorite condition in the DSM. Get off your high horse and take off the tin foil hat
Alex Jones banned
LOL you think only people from the left think 9/11 was a hoax. It's not, but damn do a lot of idiots on both sides think it is.
Liquid vs MIBR
Well MiBR has never beaten Liquid then
Liquid vs MIBR
Except for all those times they have
Nitr0 is kicked
I mean I don't think the changes are happening because the article said Cold was interested in Liquid but not vice versa, but if they did pick Cold up, he would awp and call. Cause ya know, he's exper...
What part of California? It's massive and changes a lot based on location. If you are at a big city though expect traffic.
Where is USA in WC?
No for Mexico
Fun fact you haven't done this poorly in the world cup since that time
HellRaisers vs BIG
Big is so sad because they have good ideas but they aren't good enough to follow through on them
trump is a frickin genius
The US also has tariffs on the EU this isnt a one way street. The tariffs are higher or lower depending on the product being traded.
trump is a frickin genius
Also just because he has expressed displeasure over Putins alliance with Syria does not undo the several times he has complimented him
trump is a frickin genius
No I'm happy he is taking diplomatic approach. It's great. Much better than the war alternative. You're putting words in my mouth that weren't there. And please explain how before Trump, we were "kiss...
trump is a frickin genius
His administration has pulled out of the Iran Deal, the Paris Accord, and the UN Human Rights council (the latter which sounds worse than it actually is, but actively hurts Israel, who Trump claims is...
trump is a frickin genius
Man the end of democracy sure is worth shutting down tumblr.con