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Is HLTV russian forum?
i just dont like ppl who complaining about someone they met in the game. whats thats for? this is forum to talk about game itself, development and some off-topic. why bring hate here? imagine that nex...
Is HLTV russian forum?
To be honest whats the difference between russians and you? You trash talk with rude words and no manners at all. Idk what you complaining about, what you have nothing to do? Just go with it, relax an...
ez cryptocurrency :o
nas 2pac biggie ice cube jayz
Games to buy?
knights of the old republic(first and second with restored content from workshop) morrowind
which button do you use for jump?
No job
Start doing something, learning, fighting for your life. There is no reason to travel abroad if you cant earn at least something in your country where you integrated into the society. Or otherwise a...
Your Salary (Monthly)
30k/m DJ
god exists
How you can answer this questions? It depends on your definition of God. If we all live in simulation is our creators can be considered as Gods? Or is matter we all made of can be some kind of God? Wt...
Yes, because im dosco_diplan
Astralis +disco_doplan
alpha/beta males
Never heard of poor alpha-male dating top model.
alpha/beta males
Money = power, and thats how the world works. And at this point everything else is not working.
alpha/beta males
all this stories about how you handle and etc that you read above are just stupid lets be real there is only one metric for alpha/beta: money anything else is working only if you trying to be alpha in...
Youtube in 2018
Lol its just depends on your skills. If you can be relevant, have nice voice and not stupid = you can get good numbers.