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The Office
Your taste is shit.
Gruby declined
Stupid move that he'll regret for the rest of his life. There's zero chance he'll ever get picked up by a team that'd offer the financial security of VP. He should reconsider before they find someone ...
Maka toxic
Weird thing to say when you consider that Maka looks like a cancer patient. 21 and he looks like he's in his mid 30s, oof.
mousesports vs fnatic
Every single person in this thread can do what Snax is doing. Get inspired.
You shouldn't have to try in silver to avoid dying in over half of the rounds. It's silver. If you spill cereal on your lap, do you say "well I wasn't trying to hit my mouth so whatever"?
Dying 13 times in 24 rounds to silvers. You're pretty bad, innit?
WTF Smooya
An autistic virgin who is most notable for being an autistic virgin.
Wasted Spot
There is no reason that we can't shit on both.
Wasted Spot
Germany shitting on Brazil is nothing new, but it's okay, they barely notice the smell by this point.
What an insult to biological Spanish women. Not only do they pick a transgender, but they couldn't be arsed to find an attractive one.
Ukraine makes Poland look like Monaco.
North vs Gambit
Holy shit, Mir is a retard.
ptr + 50kg
respect the awper who eats more for lunch than kennyS eats in one week
Most people don't know how to identify a support player, they just use the term to excuse poor play from people they like.
LOL Imperial 0 for 3