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Top 10 IGLs of all time
was gonna say pronax as well, even though he's fallen off almost completely, you can't discredit what achievements he's done in the past
Na’Vi will win next major !!
Worst major(s)
Krakow definitely, I think Cluj had some behind the scenes issues with players, not having a big crowd, etc. That was DH's last major and they tried a bunch of things that just didn't work. All ESL m...
best awper
I think they all shine in different places. s1mple is super aggressive, flicks all over the place, Dev1ce on the other hand as i mentioned similar to cold, holds very good angles, consistently at the...
best awper
i think oskar has dropped off a bit lately, isnt consistent either. the others depending the order yeah, maybe 1 - s1mple 2 - GuardiaN 3 - kennyS 4 - dev1ce I dont think dev1ce is as crazy as the oth...
i thought it showed round MVP? nevertheless electroNic definitely got EVP (4th this year I believe)
Predicting the top 20 this year
Jeesh...there’s a few i see definitely sneaking in there, Naf almost definitely. Tarik, autimatic, or Stewie possibly...sunny has probably a good chance as well
was really looking forward to him on the SK/IMT lineup with stew instead of flamie...but yeah, mouz or faze would be neat too
haha rip
NA CS not even top 5?
honestly, youre probably right. SK would be better if they did sign s1mple for boltz, but even though their current lineup right now looks like it has potential, they still havent shown it (hoping fo...
NA CS not even top 5?
well, i mean even since the final was c9 vs Liquid, it still kinda looked promising at the time, that both teams had taken down SK and the others, granted, it was a smaller tournament
NA CS not even top 5?
win two tournaments in a row (major and summit 2) and things look promising then fall off the radar NA cs for ya...
5th on fox/hs team
I've never really been fond of krystal as either an awp or IGL....from the few LAN matches ive seen him play against higher tier teams, he seems to get extremely tilted very fast and gives up on his p...
FNS !!!!
i wouldnt say god but he's definitely been impressive since joining C9....which, lets be honest, not many people would have predicted lol
mouz.s1mple or sk.s1mple
Oh definitely. As long as stew, S1mple, and cold got along and just learned from each other, the skill ceiling would be sky high. And fallen is the perfect type of IGL and person in general to mold pe...