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Why black boys loves blond eu girls?
at least they act like men
Favorite band/artist
kill switch engage / metalica / bob marley
174cm almost 18 yo
Im 1,70 and I am 29 yo Is there still a chance that I can grow some cm ??
communists come here
What a stupid logic Just because someone is against bolsonaro or trump it doesnt mean they are in favor of Communism lol
(please no ban) no religions no problems
Its was still a religious agenda that the nazi party was working on. But yeah, you are simply saying that atheist kills more people than religious based in 2 guys alone, but will add some more number...
(please no ban) no religions no problems Hitler was believed to be non-religious but he was definitely not a atheistm, the nazis promoted the something called positive Christianity , just ...
(please no ban) no religions no problems
name one atheist that went on a killing spree, I can name a lot of religious groups or single individual that made mass murders
Is this normal? (+18)
do they know you're gay?
brazil come here
He usually streams at night , he goes around 6:00 pm untill 4:00 am, something like that, but when there are some events he tries to cover every game. The reason he is always online is that when hes ...
Its not a small percentage Just look at the catholic church , its has became a huge cycle, like If it was a hereditary disease, is goes on and on for centuries Its like this system of pedo inside t...
How destroy atheists
Ive stop watching when he mentioned hell How can a logic person born with rational thinking believe that if you do something wrong you will burn in hell for the eternity lmao. Its just stupid think...
EQ Test
Snapshot Report Emotional Identification, Perception, and Expression 69 You are reasonably skilled when it comes to the core ability of identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in yourself and...
Of course the debt increased, he had to bail out the auto industry and save a country after one of the biggest recession create by the bush party. But if you want to talk about the debt look at it n...
Lame duck must be you, worthless king of being who were abused by his own dad when was a kid now adult you have inferiority complex and need to talk shit about other to fell better between him and you...
Obama will be remembered as one of the best USA presidents. I don't know how old you are but I don't think you remember how the USA economic was so trashed when Obama went to office. He pretty much g...