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"FaZe lucky"
I mean, spirit were 14-14 on D2 and lost a 4v2 because one of their players DC'd, so if that didn't happen, it's pretty likely that they'd win...
Last time u cried?
A few weeks ago when I watched Winter on Fire (Netflix documentary about Euromaidan)
how hard is global
I wouldn't really know because I never got there myself, but from watching pro players try to do it, it seems like the greatest challenges are a) getting a team that isn't braindead and b) actually gr...
Swole Identity vs Mythic
fl0m stated on his stream that Davey joined the roster right as he went on a trip to Europe, he should be part of the starting 5 now that he's back
your dream team
sex with man
Russians help....
It would probably be helpful. Usually, people write things in cursive, but printed text (books, signs, labels, etc.) is almost always in block letters. Also, this may just because I almost never write...
Natus Vincere vs GODSENT
Spirit vs GODSENT
Did they just skip a bunch of the lower bracket matches? Why are they already doing the grand finals?
eUnited vs Mythic
Actually I asked him on stream yesterday, he said he isn't playing for mythic anymore (in fact, he said he isn't playing CSGO anymore, which is a bit contradictory to the fact that he was playing CSGO...
PACT vs Unique
How is PACT gonna play this if they have another match 5 minutes before this one
15-0 half’s but no 16-0
Ass addiction
ngl that sounds like a bad idea, you'll be too horny during the date