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Fan of teams
I have been watching csgo for years now on and off but comitted to it around the Atlanta major 2017. Fell in love with VP as a team because they just acted like good friends playing the game. Qhen they kicked TaZ I kind of fell off from VP as a team.

Since then I wanted to start thinking about organizations and not indidual rosters since those change all the time anymore. I went with Astralis because they are player owned and as a close second I went with C9 because they are just a really great org that gives a lot of freedom to their players without much hassle. As a not so close third I went with kinguin because I like the project of TaZ and its nice to see him come back to form.

I respect most to all teams especially those with a strong IGL with good understanding of how to play csgo. Players like FalleN, Gla1ve and Gob b who continually prove how you can lead and be up there with your best players on the scoreboard are the ones I respect the most.
Forum posts
Phew that was a close one...
kio broke up with his gf
This kind of thing happens with normal sports all the time. This kind of thing happens with all kinds of long distant job offers. Everyone accepts this, but when it comes to professional gaming everyo...
New blood initiation process
Ive been seeing this same post for years now. At least 3+
Koksaltares said so, zywoo. Its over after atlanta. At 18 yr old, you either win now or give up for good.
European army is dangerous
this guy is a genius. nukes are useless
European army is dangerous
At this point the amount of nukes one country has makes no difference. once one goes flying they all go flying and the world ends anyway.
USA in a nutshell
You dont do this on your birthday? Wtf...
Why USSR collapsed
My point if i didnt communicate it properly was that it wasnt just a mishap that the ussr failed. It was destined to fail and from the beginning it was closing in on its near expiration date with each...
Why USSR collapsed
You are referring to stalins ussr. The 40s were terrible for russia even after the war. He was a terrible leader. After stalin died they kept a fascade of a strong nation for so long its kind of amazi...
why Stewie uses "2k"?
His actual name is jake and you ask what the 2k is for in his name and not anything else.
Your country's worst decision?
Trump beats joining the slave trade apparentlt and to me that is hilarious. America has a terrible past riddled with bad decisions that makes you go "why the fuck does electing trump beat this". He ...
Why USSR collapsed
I dont know all the reasons why ussr was a political failure by the end. Regardless soviet russia was at its strongest with the original members. The ones who made the original movement and the follow...
Why is bodyy still on G2?
Happy is never happy, wtf u on about
starting a new org
Guaranteed you could make a decent NA team soon. Stew + tarik get kicked from mibr, envy disband maybe take jdm maybe nifty(only take one), tenz young and aspiring player, pick up relyks. Ez. -stew...
Heroic 16-0 FaZe ?
Its always right when you make the post that it happens