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I have been watching csgo for years now on and off but comitted to it around the Atlanta major 2017. Fell in love with VP as a team because they just acted like good friends playing the game. Qhen they kicked TaZ I kind of fell off from VP as a team.

Since then I wanted to start thinking about organizations and not indidual rosters since those change all the time anymore. I went with Astralis because they are player owned and as a close second I went with C9 because they are just a really great org that gives a lot of freedom to their players without much hassle. As a not so close third I went with kinguin because I like the project of TaZ and its nice to see him come back to form.

I respect most to all teams especially those with a strong IGL with good understanding of how to play csgo. Players like FalleN, Gla1ve and Gob b who continually prove how you can lead and be up there with your best players on the scoreboard are the ones I respect the most.
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