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Fan of teams
I have been watching csgo for years now on and off but comitted to it around the Atlanta major 2017. Fell in love with VP as a team because they just acted like good friends playing the game. Qhen they kicked TaZ I kind of fell off from VP as a team.

Since then I wanted to start thinking about organizations and not indidual rosters since those change all the time anymore. I went with Astralis because they are player owned and as a close second I went with C9 because they are just a really great org that gives a lot of freedom to their players without much hassle. As a not so close third I went with kinguin because I like the project of TaZ and its nice to see him come back to form.

I respect most to all teams especially those with a strong IGL with good understanding of how to play csgo. Players like FalleN, Gla1ve and Gob b who continually prove how you can lead and be up there with your best players on the scoreboard are the ones I respect the most.
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stewie2k ffs
They would need to accomplish about what astralis has accomplished together to be better I believe. You cannot take away how great astralis has been and definitely will be for some time. Losing one be...
Even if Liquid wins...
I want them to stay at least consistent at a high level like 2018 but definitely stronger. Just remember what happened last time astralis lost a big event just before the major.
Feel bad 4 NiKo
Nah dude its just karrigan. When they unbench him and remove him from the inactive roster they will be much better.
ez 4 guardian
fnatic vs Cloud9
Flusha's revenge
Astralis vs compLexity
Unproven conspiracy theories
Astralis vs compLexity
finally a team who understands how to not lose to Astralis... CoL genius and satn 200 iq just don';t play them. Keep unplugging things when no one is watching, eventually it will be important to stall...
Denmark csgo
I think the rest of denmark is like NA rn where all the next best players are sparse throughout the teams that they can make one really awesome #2 but they wont because raisins.
cis slots HAHA
I think winstrike is decent enough to be on major. They outplayed everyone there except for avangar for obvious reasons.
grinding cs full time
60/wk i meant.
grinding cs full time
Make sure you cap it. Make healthy habbits. Try to max it at 60 or so hours and do what you can to maximize the time you are taking to practice. Never forget to spend time on raw mechanics especially ...
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
Oh wait consolidation final didnt notice it
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
Bothers me that only one of these teams get to go to the major. Should be avangar and winstrike in the major. Not just one of them and either spirit or gambit...
Why mouz lost
They didnt believe in the heart of the cards
pasha (NO)biceps
dude could still punch your face off