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Smartest and stupidest Csgo Player personalities
fer is actually really, really smart. He has built a fun character mask around him but whenever he gets into a serious topic in his stream you get to see he is smart. He left engineering for competiti...
FURIA vs Winstrike
Envy vs FURIA
This NV line is dog shit, we all knew it since the start. If INTZ hadn't changed two players like 2 weeks ago, NV wouldn't even have got this far. Well deserved, FURIA. Great teamplay, great strats, ...
Kscerato lol
Just fucking let the boy scream. Holy shit, if you get offended by a goddamn COUNTER-STRIKE PLAYER yelling shit at you then you're the one who has a problem, not the boy who won a game and can barely ...
Shit. That's so true. And they gotta do it to survive as an org. At the cost of a stupid gambling addict being aggressive at them. But if they didn't create new stupid gambling addicts, they wouldn't ...
Coca Cola Zero
Even though it's zero sugar, it has lots of other stuff that will be harmful not only to your diet, but your health. The amount of sodium in a coke, for example, will badly mess up your diet.
James Watson
None of them ever scientifically correlated. He is a scientist, a rewoned one whose authority matters. Shouldn't go around spreading beliefs only supported by prejudice, it leads stupid people like to...
James Watson
True. Watson even miscredited her in his books, the bastard.
James Watson
He told an audience at the University of California at Berkeley that there was a link between sunlight exposure and sex drive, saying: “That’s why you have Latin Lovers. You’ve never heard of an Engli...
bolsonaro is a joke
True words. Any human being who really cares for freedom and liberty is against him. I personally know several libertarians or even right-wingers who would never vote for JB. He is the average brazili...
bolsonaro is a joke
This is either a nice bait or one of the most retarded things i've ever come across
Bravado vs Signify
can anyone who managed to watch this explain wtf is happening? are they teamplaying or are they just incredibly good?
Bravado vs Signify
excuse me wtf
FURIA vs Fragging for Andy
You could apply for an analist position. Doing great.
Ghost vs FURIA
These stats are INSANE considering he IS also IGL. Consistent fragger, can main-AWP, IGL,... Definitely going places