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eUnited vs MVP PK
Eunited got worst awpers in team which cant even get free kills while their opponents not even looking at them. And they still get double awps every round
144Hz question
useless 144 hz pri 170 fps srednem,budut prosadki,budet neudobno igrat',pokupai 1050ti za 9000 rub novuu s aliexpress i uzhe potom monik
All Knights vs paiN
Dat game :D
i7 8700+1050ti=160-260 fps
i just wrote fps_max 999 and got my 400+ thx for help
i7 8700+1050ti=160-260 fps
my friend playing with 770+i7 4gen K version and got stable 240+ fps(he has 240 hz mon). It is not videocard trouble,need to fix some ingame settings but dont know how
i7 8700+1050ti=160-260 fps
4 gen i5 > 8 gen i7 are u srs?
i7 8700+1050ti=160-260 fps
Had 200-250 fps on i5 4570+1050ti btw
Bravado vs cantwinalan
African cs OMEGALUL
SCARZ Absolute vs Flow
Japanese pro team cant win versus tier 4 eu mix. RIP cs at all
NASR vs SCARZ Absolute
And the choke was started there :D Lost 5v4 to full eco Round over - Winner: CT (8 - 4) - Bomb defused Laz defused the bomb Reita killed havoK with ak47 (headshot) takej killed k1tkat with usp_silenc...
Thank u boys! So fast! Love hltv <3
Astralis vs FaZe
Faze tilted shits
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
omg losing vs tier-5 turkish team. No way for ence to be at major next year
Flash vs 5POWER
Match was started at 8:15. It was 5:1 for 5power so its normal to have 1.21 at this score
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
How can u lose from 7:2 vs antieco and 11:6 after winning pistol against team with only 2 good players