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GeT_RiGhT peak>s1mple peak.
stop the cap
GeT_RiGhT peak>s1mple peak.
bruh get right in his peak is like an average mge right now s1mple would literally 1v5 the 87-0 nip with ease lmfao fuck outta here
simple's form in the last 2 years is better than dev1ce's in the last 6 combined. if you actually think s1mple is the best player of all time you're simply delusional
s1mple ayken
individual skill took him to #1 as a player and as a team atm, he has won katowice and cologne which are the biggest tournaments but you can live in 2015 when olof was better than an average player .a...
s1mple ayken
makes more sense now
s1mple ayken
it's not disrespect calling a trash player a nonamer that's why I'm calling him zywho. don't compare s1mple with that fat fuck it's the ultimate form of disrespect possible in this game
Mumble '' rap''))
It's ok man you gotta stop living in the past and adapt to the current situation. You re not special because you re an oldhead get over it and start accepting the present
Dev1ce is the most consistent ever but never the best. S1mple is just miles ahead of everyone it's not even close. He's undisputed top1 whether or not dev1ce has played for longer or any of that shit....
s1mple ayken
cologne, katowice, major finalist, considered goat in csgo records for rating adr kpr k/d diff and his #1 was undisputed in 2018 while zywho barely scraped #1 in 2019 because s1mple was off his awp an...
s1mple ayken
german bitch shut yo ass up don't disrespect s1mple by comparing him with fucking zywho zywoo will never achieve anything that s1mple has and will never be close to his level when you're the best in ...
Good clip? R8 :)
low sens pussy ass bitch
EPL season 11
there's no way a dogshit team like mouz will top a group, they won't even get to playoffs most likely
Ropz : s1mple is the best player to touch cs.
the stats speak from themselves and zywoo didn't do anything that s1mple hasn't done better lmfao s1mple>zywho in any single aspect of the game and that's a fact sorry