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FaZe option
no cause its not longer on his twitter and it was posted there on that date unless he had the photo just saved in his pc just having it ready to post
FaZe option
FaZe option
yes but sunny is not going to be faking a esports contract and then not going to be signed anywhere
FaZe option
no sunny has signed for ence he posted a photo on his twitter and it was a photo off a esports contracts and you could see the bottom of the ence logo on the paper but then he deleted the photo later
BDSM is retired with all the old god icelandic players
talon knife
why dont you just say the price of the knifes you have cause you could always have like two gut knife boreal forest and thats nothing to be happy about or you can also just say the name of the kinfes ...
talon knife
do you know how $ work you cant buy one knife for 13$
Who will win Starseries?
ENCE 100%
FaZe BnTet
he is definetly not polish hahaha
FaZe should just disband
they could try to maybe get xizt maybe he will work or ex6 there best choice was chrisj at the time he was on the bench but then he got back in to mousesports
FaZe should just disband
tbh the only thing faze need is a IGL in for adren and maybe a new awper then niko does not have to micro manage and try to play at the same time he can focus on reking the other team instead of micro...
csgo scene is a joke
im with the the next guy
This should not be too hard
it is used in phoon and shox superstitum
NiKo makes his teammates worse
yes he took the igl when he left not before so it is the igl that is needed if chrisj would have been preforming like he is now back then and was the igl then mouzsports would have been real good