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Na'Vi Win this major :>
I really like this thread. Thanks, OP.
Best looking actresses
Karen Gillan Cate Blanchett (especially in Thor)
HLTV WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good catch lmao
Sell Greenland
Oh for sure, Denmark would be retarded to give it up for the exact same reasons. Greenland most likely prefers Denmark's support, social system and culture as well. I just can't blame America for wa...
Sell Greenland
Because the Arctic is incredibly valuable as a route to the other side of the world. Russia obviously has a huge part of it under their control, and China wants in as well. The US have Alaska, but ha...
Most beautiful language?
This. There is nothing hotter than a woman talking dirty in German.
best flag
Japan's flag is fantastic. Washington D.C. also has a beautiful flag. My third pick is Orkney's flag.
would you date a trap?
Based, same
ence 2nd biggest fluke of all time
Honestly I do think Na'Vi can be the second best team in the world, but I don't think they'll be that at the major yet. Plus they'll probably play Liquid early again and get cucked out of the finals ...
8chan is gone!
But I'd need to shitpost about movies and blacked porn on Reddit...
Best film directors?
Haha no worries man. The 400 Blows is one of my favourites as well actually, but I have to say that A Man Escaped in all its simplicity is better. Of course there are more names that should have been ...
Best film directors?
Sorry, but a list without Bresson is incomplete.
Best film directors?
I didn't care much for Wild Strawberries. My favourite Bergman is Winter Light. As for Tarkovsky, I didn't like The Mirror much. It was too abstract for me, I guess. Stalker though, that one hit home.
Best film directors?
Good list but where is Bresson? The best of them all!