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OG +flameZ
probably yea. Also, apparently OG have had problems organizing bootcamps etc because of ISSA. I don't understand why they wont get rid of him, and I also don't understand why anyone would think pickin...
favourite anime?
That arc was way too long and way too slow. Didn't enjoy the series in the end (was watching it online weekly). Really tires you out
FaZe opinion
im curious as to how karrigan will utilize broky. I think karrigan might make broky a much more impactful player.
mouz and dexter....
Mouz Laugh thread
knowing someone is leaving =/= someone is leaving at that very second.
C Stream
because ESL don't really seem to want to put any work into online broadcasts, such as thinking longer than one second about the streaming schedule.
Why !?
3.7 hours the past two weeks? yea it really seems like his maining that game now.
Mouz Laugh thread
yea, I know. People don't know how much theyve practised though and judge him very harshly after his first official game. It was merely a hyperbolic comment to point out how unreasonable people are.
Dexter is AWFUL
dude the entire show went to shit after season 3.
Mouz Laugh thread
three days? one match!
Why !?
I sadly have the feeling that the majority of humans are like this.
Why !?
Yeah, thats kind of what I said in the previous comment. I fully agree. They don't seem like a top5 contender to me either, but that really depends on how good dexter will turn out to be.
Why !?
Its like they think pro cs is like MM, where you can get a random igl type guy that calls a few easy strats that everyone understands. Meanwhile in pro cs, pros actually have to practice strats a shi...
Worst roster move 2020/2021
When I heard that Karrigan was leaving, I presumed ropz would want to be sold as well. Apparently hes at the very least giving this new line up a try. We'll see how good the team is in a few months an...
Worst roster move 2020/2021
Acor was crazy good in Mad Lions under Hunden, but hes still very inexperienced and probably doesnt feel comfortable in mouz yet. He seems to be a player that needs a good igl to get the best out of h...