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illegitimate states
? wth
illegitimate states
favourite drug
I smoke it every day, but its definitely not my favourite. Im trying to quit as well.
favourite drug
LSD mdma amphetamine
(+18) ass expert
no clue man. its absurd to me
Zwarte Piet Netherlands
As long as we have a unified piet, that is unrecognizable from the actors themselves to children (most pieten are people the children know). Then im fine with it. I dont like a different style of piet...
Netherlands come
I do it, because I only consume English media. So I hear English much much more than Dutch on an average day. If youre exposed to one language more than another, that language will pop up more frequen...
Modern Warfare Sucks Ass
I only saw a bit of the game, but why was everything so dark? didnt seem fun to me. Even in the middle east it was pitch dark in homes and outside the player has to wear a scarf, which makes everythin...
S1MPLE banned LOBA
calm down girls
found out my gf is..(update)
i think youre far enough removed from each other genetically that it shouldn't matter.
licorice best candy ever
dutch licorice is good yes
Men prefer tall girls is just a Swedish thing?
guys shouldnt want to be dominated by their woman
Men prefer tall girls is just a Swedish thing?
" We are attrached to more sexy, strong, dominant and assertive women than short submissive girly type." Swedish guys like to be dominated by their women. what a surprise
thicc or fit girls?
the thicc trend is a very recent trend. most girls over all of human history were skinny. Just because you like this new trend, it doesnt mean that thin girls arent feminine.
thicc or fit girls?
i find thicc girls very unattractive