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Faze Fix???????????????????????
so -FaZe +Astralis?
ex-SpaceSoldiers, new org incoming
You can see imgur in Turkey as well. Try putting zero "0" before imgur.
Choke clan LUL
Uh.. And SK is beaten by "ultra STOMPED" team. Don't you think this is way worse for you? Mr."fer" fan?
Liquid chance
Faze will be finalist and liquid will be the champions! Don't mind me, took too much drugs.
SK 16-14 FAZE
Renegades vs SK
Astralis is #1 team in the world rn. It is normal to lose them at this point. On the other hand, renegades lost to Space Soldiers who are very bad at lan. That's why Sk is hard favourite here.
Space Soldiers vs Liquid
liquid is not good, SS is extreamly bad
Earth is FLAT
But our World is touching both Venus and Mars' orbit that means it can crush to both of these planets at any moment!!! You just showed me "end of world" picture.. God Help Us!
YNk RETARDED????????????????
SS is suck at online right now as well.. However, it won't stay long. They will come stronger.
choke clan lmao
What is the meaning of "LULMAOROFLCOPTER" ?
TyLoo vs FaZe
Can't you see the sarcasm againts the argument of "Ofc FaZe got easier opponent"? Ofc you cannot...
Agreed, They are pretty good..
TyLoo vs FaZe
Astralis should have lost at upper bracket. Faze's tactical lose againts Renegades worked perfectly. They calculated this to face easier opponent.
Nifty - I want his kids
Nifty > device
It was fnatic's fault to bring the match 15-5 at the first place. Then, they tried to fix their shit performance. It was a NT but they couldn't manage it at the end.