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FURIA vs Vitality
plus people tend to forget what a tier means. there are 30 teams on Hltv ranking (displayed) it does mean that tier 1 are the top ten first, tier 2 between 10 and 20 and tier 3 until 30. if you take...
FURIA vs Vitality
OKso the five best teams right now are only two teams? top 5= liquid and ence only?
FURIA vs Vitality
Good to know ty
FURIA vs Vitality
Idk they looked pretty strong on mirage this tournament. Furia too, they'll prob put them as decider. But I agree with you on overpass and inferno my friend.
FURIA vs Vitality
Vitality ban mirage?
He is a nice and funny show off, way better than deadface astralis or silence crowds.
170cm male
Good so you are not ugly. Get a nice tan maybe. If you can't grow a full beard then shave almost daily. Maybe you are just making it up in your head, ask someone close if it thinks your jaw look weird...
170cm male
Lose buccal fat. Stop eating processed shit, quit salt, drink 3L atleast a day. Lose weight overall if you are a bit fat or fat. If you have a recessed jaw then stop breathing through your mouth and I...
Ramdam is over, Salah and Mané are going to play as they used to :)
170cm male
If you don't get girl it is either because: You are a weirdo/autistic/irrelevant socially Fat/ultraskinny Bad looks maxing (haircut, smell, posture, dressing...) Repulsive/below average Aiming to high...
Ballon d'or 2019
It depends on the African cup Salah or Mané could really stand out and shine giving them the Ballon d'or Otherwise I don't know. Van dijk deserves it. Messi still has some chance.
Liverpool vs Tottenham
3-2 for liverpool Corner for totenham at 93' Lloris come and score in a mess Liverpool wins in overtime 4-3
Wtf mens why are u taking someone saying 'mens' that serious ;)
Wtf mens why are u polite mens ;)
Red Pill Knowledge
This is obvious not red pills bro stay blue pilled if you think these are red pills