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New team with HS and Konfig
Okay, so we go from best to worst k0nfig HS NaTo stark grux btw Stark and grux hahahahahah. idk why k0nfig would play in such team
FaZe vs OpTic
No cajunB no win
Last Malmö Event?
So a country beats up refugees, not countrymen. Interesting...
do you know why NiKo actually said that way back then?
mousesports vs OpTic
OpTic should kick niko and get someone who can actually AWP so MSL could focus on in-game leading rather than struggling with AWP Although I don't really know who OpTic could get for AWP as I don't re...
mousesports vs OpTic
mad bettor?
Natus Vincere vs OpTic
MSL chudishe, give up the AWP
Natus Vincere vs OpTic
bruh I was going to reply to your comment with +1 but then I saw your nickname what da fug
thank mr faze
yeah kicking Karrigan was a mistake. FaZe that existed before is 100x better than FaZe now. Bringing stupid roidhead monkey bitchzera to their team...Last time FaZe were actually somewhat decent is wh...
Coldzera & Broky
Coldzera is retarded steroidhead midget lol
go to the gym and perform bench press with bar only Helped me with my push up form when I started gym, now 3 years in I can do 110 kg for 1 rep on bench press and do 50 push ups in one set, tho I pref...
OpTic vs forZe
Bratan, ne obrashay vnimaniya na etogo dolboeba CIS CS community is the shittiest of all CIS gaming communities :)
oh yeah things got confused in my mind
Well Hitler thought of Nazi Germany as of third Reich, first Reich was Roman Empire, so...
karrigan's gf
how did you even find this thread