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you're the garbage.
Most boring sport
poker is boring asf
The universe will do it. People with your mindset don't go far.
no, you
Please die.
best hltv baits.
gla1ve tweet rekt faze
Thats confidence right there
Faze why so quiet?
16-0 wooooosshhh..
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
I guess not.. when steelega was on Liquid it didnt hype me up. I think it's different being Cold, + the fact that he is playing with Niko, one of the best nowadays. But when TACO was on Liquid i was...
broky is not the player FaZe needs
I'm sure Fallen is open to changes in playstyle. He knows they are losing, he knows the playstyle got old by now, he's not dumb imo. The problem is that i think Fallen doesnt know how to change the p...
broky is not the player FaZe needs
I disagree... I'm sure Fallen is open to changes IF these changes result in victories. The hiring of Stewie and Tarik proves he's open even to radical changes.
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
I'm not fake... my cheering is real. ;)
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
I started cheering for them without thinking if other people are doing the same. The only fact that made me cheer for Faze is that now they have a brazilian player. But i'm not saying i'm a die hard f...
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
It's funny how 1 player of your nationality can make you cheer for a entire team. I mean, i was never a faze fan, but now that a brazilian player (cold) is playing there i started to cheer 4 Faze. Bu...
flusha cheating clips
I didnt say that i mock Dan M... btw i agree with a lot of things Dan M says.