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CSGO pro player
Because they know if they didnt perform on a match (or matches), they don`t need to be `informed` that they played bad by some random noobs on the internet. And after some time they might get a littl...
Report Cheater
Didnt know that.. thanks for the info. But if thats the case Valve's approach against cheaters is even worse than i thought.
Report Cheater
If he has proof that the guy cheats then it's not "witchunting". Since VAC is not trusty we as a community must work together against these cheating bastards.
Best BR?
I never liked COD games, but imo the devs did a really good work on Warzone.. it's really fun to play. So thats my vote... for me Warzone > Apex, Dangerzone, Pubg, Hyperscape etc.
Kliksphillip appreciation thread
The fact that he is "praising" philip doesnt mean he doesnt praise medics, builders, and men and women who work for us and the greater good. I think you forgot what this site is all about.
Fer didnt even know anything about structural racism, he even explained that he didnt know about this type of racism at all, and then apologized. I didnt know about structural racism either, to be ho...
Yes, and Gaules is right. You must be braindead if you think that "we cannot let this happen and stand up" have any relation to violence or anything offensive a person can do to another. Your commen...
WTF happened to Valorant.
The game is ultra fun bro... but theres a thing: you only start enjoying it after you learn all agents abilities (what they can can`t do), to me it was like this. When you see a Phoenix, a Cypher an...
WTF happened to Valorant.
Lul, Jett smokes only lasts 8 seconds bro, and it doesnt cover too much area too... it`s one of the weakest smoke in the game... have to be kinda dumb to die to a 1 one way from jett. The most powerf...
WTF happened to Valorant.
Bro... its not that hard to understand that a LOT of people are really enjoying Valorant... i mean... from what i read, almost all ex CS pros that went to Valorant was already hired by some org to pla...
WTF happened to Valorant.
People won't follow the meta like it happens on CS... you never know wich agents your team will choose, and people like to play on different positions with the same agents... this game is way more dyn...
Needy Girls
Well, if she is really hot you must act like any man would: accept her 'needy personality' while you still want to fuck her... when sex get boring you disappear.