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I expected more like how they played back then dude are you retatded gay?
"What do you think of this behavior?" I think it's nice b8
FRANCE hahaha
Nowhere near polish cs level today LUL
NIP undeserved
So 8 lvl faceit team>Vitality LUL
NIP undeserved
wtf men))
is poland going to save europe?
more like Germans=Retards
is poland going to save europe?
Poland - Israel/Jews
No matter when did it happen, but they call us racist TODAY. It would have a little bit logic if we did something bad to them, but we actually helped them A LOT and they call us anti-semitists now. bt...
Poland - Israel/Jews
This "shit" as you said affect our lives now, calling us racist and anti-semists so it really does influence us a lot
Poland - Israel/Jews
"if u think ur not guilty then no need to defend urself" this is actually the most retarded proverb ever
ZywOo was sick
btw i don't know why wcg is dead now. it was considered as one of the best if not the best tournament competition back then. sad so many memories
Countries with biggest rivalry in CS???
actually poland vs sweden can be very accurate if it comes from 1.6 to this day
is poland going to save europe?
>Trying to bait poles on hltv is hard >makes thread on hltv about poles LUL
Is America the best country?
But we are done here, i won't discuss with a guy who thinks us saved Poland xD
Is America the best country?
"I mean, what I am saying is that a 3rd world country should not be trying to diss a powerful one" You should say: "I mean, what i am saying is that none should talk true about my country, because pro...