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NBA is back!
NBA is back!
Fucking Lou going to the club and making the Clips lose
NBA is back!
I Lost 3 hours of my fucking life to see Kawhi Passing to PG instead of going to the paint and draw the foul
Makes no sense
The GOAT is the player with the Greatest Legacy and being the main part of the team that won the championships and etc So i think GTR is a top 3 alongside Cold and Device S1mple is probably the most...
Which countries do u love?
Like, my Uncle traveled to there and said it was awesome (i had 4-5 years at the time, so it was like yesterday) and since then i Want to see with My own eyes the beauties of the place And Sweden i ...
worst fanbases ?
Some people made the threats by joke, some made serious, at the end every MiBR fan got fucked
Which countries do u love?
Denmark/Sweden My dream is travel to Denmark
Most all-rounded players
Those That u said + Device, Tarik, Brehze (i cant remember more)
Countries that are nice to visit but trash to live in
I think Brazil is better to live than visit Robbers and killers have in their aim more tourists than natives, but yeah, both live and visit are bad
Favourite CSGO Moment
+1 miss Zeus :(
Favourite CSGO Moment
Your favorite music in your language
I would put one from Seu Jorge but i will go with Racionais https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx1ooSzcUXk
most overrated player ever
And he still young so he can try to break through the top again, i think he will never reach the 2016-17 level, that Cold for me was the Greatest Player of All Time tied with 2018 S1mple. But i hope C...
most overrated player ever
He dropped in 2018 and vanished from the GOAT debates (top 10 is good, but for some people It looks like doesnt matter)
most overrated player ever
Rn Cold isnt the same of 2016-17 but i think he can be better at some time and reach same level of NiKo