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CANDY CAMEL: https://www.hltv.org/team/8112/candy-camel WOLSUNG: https://www.hltv.org/team/7340/wolsung MALCO: https://www.hltv.org/team/8799/malco best logos fo sure
Any PhDs on HLTV ?
Bachelor in Science - UX, gonna go for Master in IT&Business
Titan vs Esi Pirmais
Listen to oxxoline! We are good, Baltics has a strong pool of players but there is 0 money. So dont waste your time, grind it in fpl-c ;)
Titan vs Esi Pirmais
Then join up a Russian-speaking team bro and dont waste life with cs, keep it as a side hobby!
Titan vs Esi Pirmais
you will not get far with this bitchy personality, just saying ;)
coluant vs Esi Pirmais
Esi pirmais has chemestry and teamwork coluant has aim and honeymoon
Titan vs VajagSalabotBehu
somewhere near Columbia, South-America's Northern part
Titan vs VajagSalabotBehu
HYSKEEE - MOST EXPERIENCE PLAYER IN LATVIA ATM. Smartest player and IGL atm in the country. Has Wolsung hoodie(pretty lit) and owner+founder of Wolsung brand. Started his journey in TheMythical in Rel...
coluant vs Esi Pirmais
pretty excited to see newcomers pferiz and arthles in a HLTV game. pferiz elo - 3000 arthles elo - 2050
coluant vs Esi Pirmais
coluant(ESEA Advanced) https://play.esea.net/teams/122982 Esi Pirmais(ESEA Main) https://play.esea.net/teams/8707240
GG.BET Official Q&A
When it will be available for Netherlands? Can I use proxy/VPN?
Chaos vs expert
100% game will be rescheduled because of iem sydney qual
SuperJymy vs DreamEaters
100% game will be rescheduled because of iem sydney qual
dude, just take spirit duo, coldy and s0tf1k as igl. they are t1 team
leaving erasmus and depressed
what are you studying? and are you in bachelor or master? remember man, the most important things are - your health, education and your happienes. maybe in the next trip to eastern europe you will fin...