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paiN vs W7M
paIN picked Inferno... 4-16 W7M picked Overpass... 4-16
Sharks vs Isurus
Sharks only consolation is a second chance later...
DETONA probably will forfeit again, since everyone is on BLAST PRO (including all BR casters, since only Russian stream available)
ENCE/Liquid vs MIBR Choosing the home team to give joy (or not, since the team playing really bad) for the crowd.
DETONA vs WePlayGames
That clutch from tiburci0 really save DETONA from losing.
Valiance vs NASR
Both teams lose map choose... Worse for Valiance, of course
Bad News Bears vs Infamous
Too bad no one stream this match.
Singularity vs FURIA
Furia really wanted to play this third map...
TeamOne vs MASSIVEimpact
13-2, win pistol round, making a 15-8 and even after all this they choke hard and lose a map... Better back to Brazil... Since some tournaments have SA picks... Serious, many months in USA, having a ...
TeamOne owner
Loan by the end of this month
C9 wont sign zellsis
Probably they will still leave in trial for a while to avoid which has already occurred before (sign the player paying well, do not play anything of the promised to in the end have to look for some al...
For now mouz is Tier 3/4 using your scale... They are pretty inconsistent lately, still do not have 2 players and have not yet made the official re-appointment (maybe waiting to finish the major to se...
https://twitter.com/HLTVorg/status/1102302719598084096 Confirmed Magisk MVP :)
Astralis vs Cloud9
C9 needs to think that conquering MIBR is a totally different thing. Plus using a map little used in recent times is not a good idea (especially against Astralis).
NRG 3-0
ENCE and NRG for 3-0 (unless they face each other)