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Girl problems...
Always think of it this way: if she wasn't sure enough to commit to you, you got saved from a cheating girlfriend. Now make her regret her decision by getting /fit/ and handsome.
Best players of cs:go (all time)
s1mple is very skilled but has little achievements and 0 majors ... and he has dropped off a bit since his peak in early 2018. Let's hope he gets a major before he slumps.
Best players of cs:go (all time)
Didn't even need to look at your account creation date. newfags GTFO
Best players of cs:go (all time)
Not enough achievements .... and been on a constant decline, being very average after 2016
Best players of cs:go (all time)
Ask me how I know you haven't watched any CS from 2013-2015 ... Admittedly, I forgot kennyS on the list
Best players of cs:go (all time)
1. olof 2. GTR 3. f0rest 4. coldzera 5. snax/kennyS 6. dev1ce 7. FalleN 8. GuardiaN 9. JW 10. paszaBiceps
cologne 2015 had worst qualifier system
ELeague Atlanta was fucking great. Had some very amazing playoff games. EMS One Kato 14 was made lightyears better by the Polish crowd cheering for VP. MLG had the best analyst desk of any major ever.
Astralis vs North
EZ North
lowest rating on bo3 or 1 on hltv?
Just wait a few more months till s1mple's flashy style wears off. Then electronic will take over with his consistent, precise, unrelenting style of rifling takes over.
electronic easily better than Magisk. Guy is so much more controlled and precise. imho he's better than s1mple. vs NiP
If VP wins, I will play 10 DM back to back, non-stop.
Vision vs Cloud9
It's so cloudy, I can't see anything.
Major Predictions
BIG vs VP final with Pasza retiring after lifting the trophy