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you cant get me banned
so what? u get off to that thought? look how i baited you. random hater coming to this thread doing exactly what i wanted. give me more, nerd
you cant get me banned
already got reported and got 3 day bans for that. try again mad nerd. i bet u get the 10 year before me boay. spsar
we got a BIG problem
bitchplz BIG is shit and just got this invite cause all german scene is trash
yo bro ill get on a list if i write that, if i aint on one already
D0cc Drama
difference is that simple was way better and has an actual personality and self esteem, whereas docc is a frail child
create T4 team
BIG line up is instant t4 (lol they at esl 1 cologne) spruut line up is instant t7
D0cc Drama
i dont give a fuck about this kid, may he fail or succeed, but i definitly am looking forward to people eventually stop caring about him. he probably wont ever play in a professional team aswell. he i...
anyone knows these fucktards are all paid by the lobbies. fucking goons. plus since eu sits close to belgium, its a pedo center aswell
When I turn 18
im just laughing my ass off at your crypto gayness lelelelel
Nostalgia Thread
When I turn 18
or just go into the casino and put that shit all on red like a complete faggot and lose it all just because some cocker on the internet told you to
r8 french/german rap
ja ja ja nhmnhnhmhnmhnmhnmh ja ja ja hnmnmhmnhmnmhmnn ja ja ja lets call it """"music""" - yeah i think i gotta skip this one
CHARLIE HEBDO disrespect again
+1 sandniggers getting offended all the time, no surprise nobody wants them here
[+16] Sex female pro
zaaaz best azz yayayaya