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R8 your parents
Dad 3/10 Never respected me even tho I had only A grades he hated me for having like a little mistake. So I‘ve become rebellious and never learned anything. In Sportgames he was always jelling and eve...
r8 basketball bet
Never bet on matches. Bet on players reaching some sort of points. Betting sites are really dumb only looking at players average and say yeah his average is 17 ppg so 18,5 will be ok. They never look ...
I will know if u are virgin
French and German
Kann man wenn man schon 4 Jobs in 6 Jahren verloren hatte. Alle weil es in dem Moment ein Problem in der Autoindustrie gab. Hälfte der Firmen sind zu und die anderen haben mehr als die Hälfte ihrer Mi...
French and German
Don‘t learn German, Germany depends to hard on car industry. Don‘t think we have a solid future but tbf I also don’t think the world has a great future aswell.
Have you ever punched a girl?
Yeah one time in 2nd grade. There was a gipsy girl pretty bitch pushed me multiple times so I one time punched her.
Did you check your Skinbaron inventory? But I was Never scammed by Skinbaron with over 100 transactions
my girlfriends mom is so hot
This is peak hltv
New BIG line up leaked
BIG didn't even had the money for syrsoN xD
Yeah don't forget the 2 hour technical pause yesterday lul
Normally I would agree with that but cologne was fluid. pretty sure it´s Starladders fault.
Many cleanfeed frame drops aswell
Real Name ?
Eric :)
NBA GOAT top 5
Moses had the best peak of all 3 but unfortunately he drops a lot at only 33 years of age, he even played in one of the baddest nba eras 1975-83. You´re right Karl is a big time moron but he was great...