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BIG +w0xic
They`ll play with Tabsen as AWP and sometimes Gob B. This is a big mistake, Tabsen is a solid AWP but they had finally 2 great rifler but with Tabsen as Sniper they go back to status quo before the Xa...
Best ONLINERS per country
Germany: Nex
Religion Appreciation Thread
Religion is a bit weird, on one hand it causes many wars in the past on the other hand many people gained happiness.
I need to run 2400m in 12 minutes (help)
Isn't that much, I'm not even pretty good at it and had 3100, Classmate was 3rd division football player at this time had 3500 and wasn't even sweating :D
Top2019? Who can enter the Top #20 in 2019?
I think one BIG player will enter the Top 20 Xantares or Tabsen. Obvious pick is zywoo, I even have a strange feeling stewie will redeem his career.
I rate your pornstars(18+)
Best comeback of csgo history?
Fnatic vs LDLC Dreamhack Winter 2014 :D
Music genres you cant stand
1. Schranz 2. Schlager 3. These weird rock types 4. Mumble Rapper 5. German Rap 6. Tend to say Hardstyle and country but I like some of the songs
best streamers of 2018?
Chocotaco top 1, you should check him out.
Fenerbahçe - Real Madrid
65-63 yeah pretty high scoring europe bbal plebs Only German Cs scene is worse
s1mple changed sex
Yeah can confirm he wants to win a major in the female scene.
s1mple >>> olof
Yeah how many major trophies has s1mple won?
nex got replaced
Hope for a speedy recovery, I‘m still a Nex believer. But he will be benched if he’s healthy again. You don‘t add Xantares as Backup. Very excited about next year. Big always came short due fire power...
German passport
Ok thanks didn’t know this. I think even 3 years is a lot of time in csgo.
German passport
I know this is supposed to be funny but he really needs to live more then 8 years hear to be capable.