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TYLOO vs Vitality
If your country do have sufficient resource then why do you attack othrr nation? There are also other ways to prevent war, one of them is by diplomacy. I said those words because those were true. who ...
TYLOO vs Vitality
Racist, selfish and greedy.
TYLOO vs Vitality
attacked by german : fall back to normandia and flee to england. Hitler ez win and french pussies ask for backup and can't even do anything in cold/proxy war except hoping from americans LUL
NoChance vs unknown
i have a feeling unknown 2-1 nochance g1 nochance g2 and g3 unknown
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Nt, it's blame forsaken
Winstrike vs Envy
xD my bad :')
Winstrike vs Envy
North n winstrike will qualify, vici rekt by north and winstrike 16-12 or 16-11 envy
Astralis vs compLexity
i sell my wief for internet conecsion does this occur in ibp?
ibuyshitshow "can everybody please get off from your seats and please wait outside the venue till all the problems are fixed, thank you" literally 3hrs alr passed what were u doing? watching porn? wel...
Astralis vs compLexity
Vitality vs Valiance
wanna know what's funny? i bet hdc -3.5 and i called 19 15 ez money
3DMAX vs Chaos
i think 3dmax got this in the bag, not gonna be an easy game tho. 2:1 in favor of 3dmax
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I R8 your team
jdm64 Twistzz coldzera Stewie2k Xyp9x / gla1ve
Rogue vs Envy
Not also that, rogue is kinda only depending on vice and sick to make plays. The rest are inconsistent, in my point of view tho.