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mousesports vs Complexity
botJ gonna have 0.8 rating #casualmatchmaking
Astralis vs G2
Astralis era is coming back i think. This team shows total dominance if they manage to stomp g2
Astralis vs North
i expect a close game and double digits from both great danes team. May the better team win. But i probably think this series would be 2-0 in favor of astralis. My guess is: 1st vtg north pick 2nd nu...
Complexity vs Vitality
Ez coL tbh, yesterday vitalulty play like bots except godzywoo
FaZe vs forZe
Where can i get the info on these matchups?
FaZe vs forZe
Would love to see NiP Fnatic
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
My comment is unrelated to this game, but it's time to say: •CS:GO major •crowd Name a more iconic duo
FURIA vs Swole Patrol
Omg another upset. Gg
Evil Geniuses vs Swole Patrol
Delicious odds on swole, i'll take it anytime baby
BIG vs Sprout
it's CS. anything could happen i don't fucking care if u win or lose BIG is playing poorly at the moment i know but can u even match their skills or talk only shits? it's not easy for them to pull a c...
BIG vs Sprout
oh they won, how incredible! why are you raging my frind? lost bet? probably u are just silber in cs:go go rank up and play on esea matches my frind it will be good for you rather than sitting in sil...
G2 vs Liquid
not gonna lie, g2 probably gonna win this series if they play consistently
Heroic vs Virtus.pro
Vp dog ez win 4 heroic, jame time is over bois
Mibr nip Ez nip
Sprout vs Heroic
omg men dem delays mmmmmmmmm