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"Don't say you love me until you suck my dick" - A random nerd 2k16
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rate my outfit
2/10 for the outfit, 10/10 for the beautiful pink umbrella with hearts.
and also your ass. get it? hahaha, I'm sorry... :C
Best/Worst rappers right now
His lyrics suck and all his musics are the same, but it's catchy anyways, if you're listening to it and not really paying attention to what he's saying it's not that bad edit: except for gucci gang, ...
Nike vs Addidas
I Rate Your Favourite Rapper PROPERLY.
Stop rating rappers, please.
I Rate Your Favourite Rapper PROPERLY.
did you read my edit?
I Rate Your Favourite Rapper PROPERLY.
Man, it was never about that, he really just wanted a better image so he could continue doing what he loved. When he died he was doing more pop than rap, but he also did that before, he did A LOT of s...
I Rate Your Favourite Rapper PROPERLY.
read my edit.
I Rate Your Favourite Rapper PROPERLY.
Since you called a guy an idiot just because he gave lil xan a 7.5 and post malone a 9.5, you have big chances of being an old head that hates on new school rappers no matter what, so I'm scared of th...
I did a quick research on that and you have brain cancer.
[18+] FOX SEXY
He even has tribals and stuff, it's his choise, but it's a bad choise. He did some tattoos just because it was trending, that has literally no meaning...
Come predict for 5€!
52 2 maps 73 3 maps
Sketching CS:GO pros
Show your CTRL + V
Sou um menino cancroso que não gosta de pretos, acho que todos deveriam morrer queimados. O meu Ídolo já desde a minha infância é o Hitler, sempre senti uma enorme paixão por ele. Enfim, só que queria...
But still the highest crime rate