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Aug really good
couldnt have said it better myself man, best analysis of this meta that i've seen thus far.
Aug really good
Tbh, i think the m4's just a trash gun and the aug is just solid
AUG giving noob teams chance?
its just clearly better than the m4 in most ways already, on top of the fact that the scope helps so so much on ct when it comes to holding angles. Personally i think they just make it $3450, enough s...
swag's tweet
hes not crying at all lol
swag unban after major?
hes not really at the level to make an impact at the top level anymore unfortunately, maybe he could get back to it but its not like he stopped playing -- hes just not as good anymore
swag unban after major?
only player of the ibp lot that would matter in 2019 is steel, and goddamn do i hope he gets unbanned
[*] Tory Lanez
She's 25 and looks like it, you into exclusively milfs or something?
POV youtube channel to help improve your game !
Stuff like this tends to be pretty thankless work, but I appreciate you putting all these up man!
Guys, tall or short girls?
a wise man once said; "i aint got no type, bad bitches only thing that I like" and that really just describes my taste in women, if shes got it shes got it
Stats and baiting
Zeus is a dumpster of an individual player, Edward is streaky but mostly just shit
-Edward +who?
Almost 100% sure he does, I think hes played in Russian speaking lineups before but I may ne mistaken Edit: after some Google searches I was indeed mistaken
-Edward +who?
keep flamie just so they dont have to go through the different stages of the major again, but i agree remove zeus and edward. Replace em with ANGEL/styko maybe? I think angel is probably the only cis...
My T sides are shit
My T sides are shit
?????????????? just stop?
My T sides are shit
peeker's advantage bro