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145-180. I ain't got no type, if shes got it shes got it.
Belle Delphine as your daughter
Eh, if I raised her I know damn well shes weird as fuck. I'd be glad shes doing her weird ass shit SAFELY though, and I'd be happy that shes making so much money.
Mum saw my pants covered in semen (18+)
19 and worried about, gtfoh
[serious] boner problem
Go fuck your girl, my guy
Arent short girls unattractive?
Girls who are 150-160cm have my heart
Flamie 2.99 rating in major
Honestly, this flamie were seeing now -- free from the shackles of zeus -- Is looking like fucking FIRE. He could be top 5 in the world soon, we shall see though
Imagine playing FPL
I dont even know of another call for olof anymore tbh. I agree with you in general I suppose, but a call is a call at the end of the day how it gets its name is pretty arbitrary. Olof, nbk, those call...
Mechanically speaking she's a very solid desk host, doesn't hurt that shes good looking too.
"support players"
You say this but stew, xyp, and tarik definetly facilitate the team and sacrifice some parts of their game to make the team work. In my mind that's what a support player is, not to mention all the sup...
blameF mistake
fnatic is a shit team, youre losing more credibility to me rn bud
blameF mistake
look man if i pay my players $40k a month and they lose to crazy, were in a bad spot thats the point I was making. If you really think theres a huge difference between teams ranked outside of the top ...
blameF mistake
bro they lost to crazy
blameF mistake
Eh, both teams in pretty similar spots. I'd say the only advantage North has is Valde, hes too good not to mention. Other than him, both teams aren't as good as they should be and pay massive salaries...
Shox-kennyS conflict??
I dont think it's that nefarious. Shox simply thinks it's time to move on and that vitality will make a great time with him playing.
Did I do it right? [+18]
Should a spent some time with her, get her as horny as possible but not take advantage of her. Shell be begging for it next time you see her