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I'm an amateur Slovak CS 1.6/GO player right now. I also like to play tenis and table tenis in the "real" life :-))

Good things come to those who wait.
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Vega Squadron vs mousesports
Only RU stream ?
f0rest still god
His good plays cant even be counted. Pretty sure he has way more of them than those really bad ones.
4k pc build
Well for that much money and considering that you are aiming for 4K, I would not go the way of 7700K. Single thread performance wil not give you anything in 4K. Now even with 1080ti you will probabl...
4k pc build
7700K will not give you any advantage in 4K.
Well I guess some Slovaks do better than others. I personally can understand something, but not even close to communicate in any meaningful way. I would say I can understand Bulgarian almost as much a...
Czech is about as close to Polish as Slovak is...
i5 vs ryzen
Ryzen all the way. I read/watched so many reviews lately that I can't even count them. Go for R5 1600, OC it to 3,8GHz or more even with the stock cooler, profit. There are even games where you will b...
''Fkn shit show'' xaxaxa
nah, probably just some nice fine behind the scene, pretending nothing happened
''Fkn shit show'' xaxaxa
roflmao, okay, that makes alot of sense now
''Fkn shit show'' xaxaxa
He is right tho. The production quality is the lowest I've seen in a long time.
SK vs Space Soldiers
he wrote intense ? :D
NiP wins cologne major 2017
It is not a major.....
Cologne times bugged?
There are always 2 games at the same time on two separate streams.
csgo worst update?
Most of the things were fixed or actually increased the skill ceiling and not the other way. How does a weapon nerf decrease the skill ceiling when it's actually HARDER to use it.
18 years of Counter-Strike
Well I started playing games about 21 years ago :D So I played CS when it came out, as well as Half-Life even sooner. But I didn't have any internet those days, we usually assembled a group of friends...