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depression culture?
i would not say a dying,its more a way for a new civilization for the future.
the elite theory!
soon we revolt my frend^^
its a pet cuz society tells u, that its a pet. but in reality its still a living being just like a cow or a pig or a crocodile or lion or tiger.
that's what i mean ur father taught u to eat meat cuz his father told him. and this is how the circle goes but i can asure u the next generations will all go a veggie way.
Tried new pre workout
it's kinda cringe isn't it? like what u wanna prove to anyone on a fkin video game forum? just go to the gym and shut the hell up about it
u would in an apocalyptic event, now ur just programmed/brainwashed this way. but in just 1 month u would get used to it.
heaven and hell are mind states, and u will live the same life again and again again cuz ur stuck in a fkin simulation of ur own mind.
if u know toooo much ur a goner. and to distract u from reality, they will just upload a new netflix serie or episode or new music video and start some stupid football or baskeball league :D
how to fix posture permanently
some yoga moves are pretty kewl. i think its called cobra and child pose.
is 180cm small?
just dont be insecure and girls can smell insecurity be confidence, its not like u can change ur height so and 1.80 is fine.
Polish anti lgbt come here.
i mean why do u even bother? make ur life good and dont care about other ppl life mayb?
Russia, Moscow
this should show us that countries are still run as a dictator ship but i feel something is coming in the next years, the humans will take over again. big corporations corrupted politicians will all g...
if OG wins this TI
games mostly end before 30 minutes and last ti most of OG games started at 30 minute with spectre cent , ember and other shit. this patch is not for them 100%. this patch fits perfect to teams like LG...
Anti-gaming stigma
i mean everything in life is basically pointless if u think about it. once ur faith has come u don't remember anything all is gone nothing will have mattered. so as long u have fun doing something, st...
i dont see the point in ppl saying its the best and other ppl saying its the worst, jesus if u dont like it dont watch it , its ez