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Is csgo actually dying?
who cares rather have 200k viewers that actually watch than 1 million viewers where 80% just keep their pc running
dis is not supposed to be funny, this is reality. and if u open your eyes ur illisionairy life will fall apart.
u take nerds as insult? im proud nerd :o
next 2 -3 years, humanity will rise, calling it already.
what u saw in the movies like hungergames and shit this shit will actually become reality at one point.
humans in peace?
if u never had a leader would u have this value's? i arent think that cuz the main values we get is from polticis and the media.
American teen sues media for 250 million
inb4 he dies from a car bomb like many before
humans in peace?
peace without killershooter games.
what money can do!
well good luck finding that 0.1% that can still truely love someone until they are old. throughout all the troubles and tribulations.
what money can do!
well u dont have to pay them u just show them ur bank account and they moist.
what money can do!
well still probably getting laid more than you and me with 5 mil on the bank Ä:D
Do you eat meat every day?
ye, eating should be done when hungry like serioulsy if ppl only ate when hungry and no other reasons, we could probably reduce inflation of money by 40% in the whole world.
Swag's girlfriend
cuz he is a little boy?
Global warming exists but its a natural event
earth is like spaceship flying around space, mayb jews play god and control the weather who knows.
cuz its numbs ur nerve system and calms ur mind.