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ONLY University students allowed
stfu fag
ksi vs logan paul
who cares, but the white guy wins ofc
GamerLegion vs pharsyde
pharsyde fullt med horungar
Swedish pronunciation
next time we will give the kids guns like you instead, might turn out great
Well, get 2 friends and its fine, i get it if you dont have friends tho. Don't cry about it.
Climate Change
Look, just give the sun a few thousand years then it will be so hot that our oceans evaporates and then its all good, just calm down, its over soon.
Id say its crap but i mean, i have basically never watched it, i dont understand it, maybe its super entertaining for you, but for me, nah.
Fnatic > nip
i love that so many players come from your country, oh wait, they dont, nt.
dottie (fpl player) banned
ad3m also banned, not that relevent, but ad3m, pishila, a bunch of swedish trashcans getting caught. Pathetic.
Growing beard
Either, you got no beard growth, then u cant do anything, or, you just have to let it grow longer, i felt like my beard was shit, i let it grow for a few months before i shaved, did it a few times and...
orgless vs EURONICS
KoN Sweden vs KoN Norway
huggan sexy athlete
How many euros in ur bank account?
1.5k on my "card" account, got around 90k in savings
So wait a minute, you have to use steroids to actually achieve a decent body, and to be happy with yourself? You must have a sad life my friend.
Shroud playing CS
He said on stream that he dont even want to play esea league for fun, so idk