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Forsaken please release a statement
Hate to break it to you kiddo, but when you enter the adult world here at the top you will see that playing nice fair and square just wont always cut it.
FrostFire vs OpTic India
You were the one who called the backlash fair.
FrostFire vs OpTic India
I wouldn't want to live in a world where you guys make the laws. "No matter what crime you commit it will be okay to do anything to you" -logic isn't luckily part of Western worlds laws. Just becaus...
FrostFire vs OpTic India
There is nothing fair about that logic tbf. Lets say you say the n-word and someone kills you for it is it fair? Surely not. You did something that's not good, however you should always put into a con...
Best Cologne for men
Forsaken please release a statement
I speak for Forsaken: It was easy money, ezpz, grow up, people cheat in videogames =DDDDDDDDDDD
FrostFire vs OpTic India
Lets not get too crazy over videogames. He is a human being also who probably reads some of these comments and gets mad depressed and angry at himself. We all make mistakes and it was just one of them...
FrostFire vs OpTic India
He will come back stronger!
First LAN cheat
Cool story bro
peace in islam
+1 except I don't respect Hesus.
ENCE vs OpTic
It will not be so easy for Ence, 2-0 probably 16-3 and 16-9 ENCE win after hard struggle in pistol rounds.
Top awpers atm?
Sorry -s1mple +Zehn
Top awpers atm?
1. Allu 2. Xarte 3. Sergej 4. Ottond 5. S1mple
gay porno or anime ?
Why not both?
Gob b come
Bad mannered Russki