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ENCE will have to prove that they are the better team. From what we can see from the recent results if they are better it isn't by a huge margin.
next ENCEcuse?
They will be ready 2026
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
You don't need to do anything - just say something bad about Finland. All of Finland gets triggered any time anyone outside Finland criticize us of anything. If you say we are a 3rd World Country we g...
ENCE is done
Sad but true
I don't think getting to eat meat every meal is that important so I don't really care, but I do laugh at the Finnish universities trying to claim they are ecofriendly because they give up Finnish beef...
Hong Kong...
I have enough time on my hands to waste some on checking what Winnie the Pooh and rest of China are up to. I'm not under any illusion that a brutal regime would give a inch of independence to any regi...
soyboy virgin beta AMA
It's gonna be all right brudda. Everyone will eventually get their popular phase! Even I found a nice, smart, pretty girl even though I had given up on pretty much all chances that I'll find a girlfri...
Manlets come
ENCEL manlets rise up!
Dallas Cop shoots black neighbor
Just another day in 'Murica though it is pretty crazy that the cop did get a sentence. I guess there is a first time for everything.
ENCE Laugh Thread
Don't be a bully and leave them alone. They just want to play with their friends and have some fun. Would you like if someone would make fun of your matchmaking results? Right.
Vitality shox IGL ?
I hope they kick Shox the moment he even suggests to IGL
Faceit with 4 germans
I think Finns and especially British players are generally the most toxic you can find.
ENCE vs fnatic
Not ez 4 ence, that at least is for sure. Fnatic might even be favored here.
+1 I cringe at those rednecks chanting in esports events especially when their team isn't even close to being full USA roster.
ENCE and FaZe :)