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Anime is for Alphas
Yes, but only if you have over 500 days in MAL
ENCE vs Monopol
So many new promising players in Monopoly, they remind me of the young and upcoming talent Forsaken. LETS GO CHINAAA MONOPOLY
Fnx will be banging Fers girlfriend while he is at surgery.
That must have been one of those false flag operations that people who support orange man always talk about.
hltv fucking retaraded??
You shouldn't judge the entire Reich by their fuhrer.
Kemono no Souja Erin 9.8/10 Hyouge Mono 9.8/10 LOGH 9.7/10 Aria the Origination 9.6/10 Tenshi no Tamago 9.5/10
forsaken 2nd chance?
forsaken 2nd chance?
Even someone cold-blooded criminal like Brax got a second chance, so why not Forsaken. He was just a victim of his circumstances. The admin mistook his homework for cheats. He had written some poems f...
Liquid vs Swole Patrol
This will be the easiest match-fix throw Brax has ever done.
That isn't a figure of speech, that's a hyperbolic statement. It's a strategy that mediocre people use since they don't have confidence in their argument without being hyperbolic. Have a nice day, you...
"+ They have been trying to qualify 10 other events and FAILED EVERY TIME to teams that aren't even top50..." You don't know what the word "every" means or are you just retarded otherwise?
Thank you ENCE
Vad97oRRR said it was Ez4ence
Thank you ENCE
But I don't go around spamming Vad97oRRR for no reason.
Thank you ENCE
Nah, I don't think so, but thanks for asking anyway.
Optic or North aren't top 50? Wow...